Ventura Surf-Rock Outfit Strange Case Release Video for “Rather Die”

Ventura Surf-Rock Outfit Strange Case Release Video for “Rather Die”

Ventura County based Strange Case continue to ride the wave of new Alternative/Indie rock bands rising out of Southern California. Strange Case has released a brand new video for “Rather Die” exclusively through ThePier online below!

Strange Case’s Zane Vandevort exclusively told ThePier:

“It’s always so exciting working with David Kelly on a video. At 18 years old, he wrote, directed, produced and edited our video for Cigarettes and Coffee. Needless to say David is a gifted filmmaker, and I was stoked that he wanted to do a video for Rather Die. I met my girlfriend on a surf trip in Nicaragua, and it was love at first sight. She was also from Los Angeles, but unfortunately, we couldn’t be together for an entire year after we first met. It was the most agonizing heartache I’ve ever experienced, and through many nights of longing for her, Rather Die was born. The lyrics and melody came to me late one night and the song just poured out of me. I ended up writing, recording and mixing the final song all in one night. By 4am the track you are hearing was finished. In the last 10 years of writing songs I’ve never written and recorded a song to completion in one sitting. It was driven by pure emotion and heartbreak unlike anything I could have ever imagined. Fast forward another year and we are finally together, and now it’s become a twisted love song that’s ironically her favorite track by Strange Case.”

Strange Case is self-defining the new wave of the Southern California sound with elements of Reggae and hip-hop, creating a genre-bending phenomenon that can only be known as ‘surf-and-turf’. The single is truly a blend of sounds, with a steady driving beat that keeps you grooving the whole way through.

Strange Case recently released a deluxe edition of their new album ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ via Regime Music Group across all digital platforms. The new deluxe edition of ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ includes 6-brand new tracks, as well as fan favorites like “27 Club“, “SUPERFLY“, “Red Somber“, and “Cigarettes and Coffee“.

“The deluxe edition of ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ is a culmination of experiences during the roller coaster of self-discovery during your early 20’s,” commented Zane Vandevort from Strange Case. “From the sweltering heat of young love, to the brain-melting emotions when you realize nothing fucking matters. Embark on this journey with us through the highs, lows, and everything in between. It’s summertime, and this dumpster fire of our adolescence is fully ablaze.”

Laced with the reverberated, beachy guitar tones of 60’s surf music and infused with the coming-of-age grungy angst of twenty-something youth, ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ is self-defining the new wave of ‘surf-and-turfrock that has emerged onto the scene in the past few years. Taking creative inspiration from bands like The Neighborhood, Arctic Monkeys, and Cage the Elephant, Strange Case puts its own twist on the California sound that is uniquely their own with laid-back grooves and a retro sound.

Started by lifelong friends Zane Vandevort and Mikey Netka while working at the local surf shop, Strange Case started to generate a massive buzz throughout the California music scene since their single for “27 Club” was spun on legendary radio station 106.7 KROQ in Los Angeles. “27 Club” has now garnered over 1,000,000 streams on Spotify and continues to gain momentum as it attracts new audiences.







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