VP Records Limited Record Store Day Release

VP Records Limited Record Store Day Release

Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 16th, 2016, so it is time to start making plans to visit and support your local record store. Reggae fans in New York and Florida should be ready as VP Records has something special in store this year in celebration of Rocksteady with a new limited edition vinyl box set of hand-picked tracks from the short-lived but vital genre.

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The “world’s largest reggae label,” VP Records (named after owners and 50-year industry veterans Vincent and Patricia Chin), and their vintage imprint, 17 North Parade (named after the Chin’s first retail store, Randy’s Records, which was located at 17 N. parade in downtown Kingston), are bringing something special to Record Store Day this year for 2016. First class RokSteady Box Promo

To celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the birth of Rocksteady, the short-lived popular genre sandwiched between the ska and reggae eras of the 60’s, VP Records and 17 North Parade are releasing a special vinyl box set featuring a collection of 14 hand-picked classic Rocksteady singles. The album includes remastered tracks from The Melodians, Hopeton Lewis, The Sensations, and Errol Dunkley, accompanied by complimentary hit titles from the era on the B-Side.

To further celebrate the holiday, Rocksteady anniversary, and vinyl release, both VP Records’ retail stores will host a vinyl-only showcase on Record Store Day, April 16th, 2016. The battle-style event will feature some of the biggest sound systems in Jamaican music with the group of DJs, engineers and MCs going round for round in a showdown. Queens will get to listen to Downbeat The Ruler, Massiv B, King Addis, Platinum Kids, and Fatman and Pretty Possee. Meanwhile, Miami will be rockin down south on the beach to King Jammy, Waggy T Movements, Galaxy Sound Station, PeppaBox Sound and Metrix International.

This exclusive 7″ vinyl box set release will be available on a first-come first-serve basis at the two VP Records retail locations in Queens, NY and Miami, FL; it will then be made available online at 12:01am on Saturday, April 23rd, 2016. Extra attention was paid to the packaging as the artwork evokes the excitement of the era of snail mail (the only mode of sharing Jamaican music at the time) with bag inserts and 45’s pressed on original Jamaican label designs.


1. The Return Of Ezekial – The Jupiters
2. Live And Love – Carlton Manning
3. The Russians Are Coming – Val Bennett
4. Last Train To Expo 67 – The Melodians
5. Take It Easy – Hopeton Lewis
6. Born To Love You – The Sensations
7. Please Stop Your Lying – Errol Dunkley


1. Dreader Than Dread – Honey Boy Martin
2. ABC Rocksteady – The Gaylads
3. The Great Musical Battle – Derrick Morgan
4. Last Train To Ecstasy – The Melodians
5. Sounds And Pressure – Hopeton Lewis
6. Long Time Me No See You Girl – The Sensations
7. You’re Gona Need Me – Errol Dunkley

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Article By: Eric Schoep