Wakane’s Debut EP

Wakane’s Debut EP

In the spirit of the holidays, Wakane, one of Reggae’s newest up-and-coming artist, has released her debut EP, Longing for the Day, FREE for a limited time! Wakane

Born on the Ryukyu Island of Okinawa, one of the southern Japanese islands, Wakane who began singing at just 3 years of age, has always been focused on the entertainment world. At the age of 15, she became one of the most sought after vocal and choreography instructors of performing arts in the area, eventually featuring in many daily and weekly TV shows which aired throughout Mainland Japan and Okinawa. Fluent in Japanese and Okianwan, Wakane quickly learned to sing Hawaiian and understand the language, and develope a strong love for the Island rhythm style of music also known as “Jawaiian”. Recently Wakane joined the Tribal Seeds ohana, under RediMedia Music Group and began touring and recording.

Released digitally December 24th, Wakane’s debut EP, Longing for the Day, includes 8 tracks recorded at Imperial Sound Recording Studio and produced by Tribal Seeds’ E.N Young. The release features five of Wakane’s orginal singles, dub versions of two of those tracks, plus an acoustic version of the first single on the EP “Daughter of the Most High.”

To download Longing for the Day, click here Then click “Buy Now”, enter 0 for the price (or the amount you wish to donate), and Download the EP.

Wakane EP Longing for the Day Track List:
1.) Daughter of the Most High
2.) The Roots
3.) Like the Ocean
4.) Motel Cali
5.) Longing for the Day
6.) Roots Dub
7.) Motel Dub
8.) Daughter of the Most Hight (Acoustic)


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Article By: Aaron Solomon