Where Have All the Music Videos Gone?

Where Have All the Music Videos Gone?

Many people thought that the music video industry was a dying entity, especially as MTV slowly ripped music programming from their daily lineup. But, if you are wondering where all the videos have gone, they are resting safely in their proper home.

Whether certain touring outfits may be a grassroots band, independent, or even backed financially with the suits and ties of big labels and hefty management, high quality music videos are still being raced across the cutting room floor, just to meet the satisfaction of the die-hard fans and hardworking bands. Perhaps videos are made to satisfy TV outlets, but there is a much bigger reason behind them.

Most national radio stations require a music video for a song played over the airwaves, just so there is another piece of content to spread with the new “hit single”. But, what happens when you are a band who is not quite at that level, yet? Everyone is trying for that big moment to breakthrough, and in the music industry, sometimes a music video is that necessary nudge in the right direction.

And instead of MTV, nowadays YouTube is the all encompassing outlet for any music video. Sure some groups or artists will do exclusive premieres with other media outlets first, but it always makes it way to YouTube only to later be shared through the social media world.

There are countless examples of superstars becoming icons with just a simple music video. Tracing back to the inception of MTV, one can simply look at Blondie as a prime example, as well as countless others like the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Madonna, and nearly unending amounts of boy bands that don’t need mention here. All became the admiration of fans from every age group due to putting out a music video.

Nonetheless, music videos open up another avenue where success can be found. As shallow as it sounds, if a particular band is appealing aesthetically, visually and musically, one day on a video countdown show, you might find your group’s name amongst those aforementioned MTV celebrities.

Although, that is exactly the difference between the MTV population and the Reggae-Rock community, there is not a drive to be superstars or a desire to be famous. Some have reached that level of stardom locally, nationally or internationally, yet it was through their music and lyrics. The live shows are the all-encompassing experience for Reggae-Rock fans. There really isn’t a true vision or viewpoint as to what Reggae-Rock is to look like, or in many cases what it should sound like, but the fact that the diversity in sounds, styles, influences, mentors, and heritage has produced a wide variety of musical and visual flavors to satisfy fans at each turn.

In the past month, Reggae-Rock bands have been releasing music videos at a rapid rate, and not unknown artists or groups, some of the biggest names in the scene such as Slightly Stoopid, the Dirty Heads, Rebelution, Iration, Seedless and many more. The music has always been quality, and now the instrumentation is receiving a boost with special guest guitarists, such as Lincoln Parish from Cage The Elephant on Iration’s new single “Porcupine”, and in some scenarios, even guest vocalists like Matisyahu collaborating on Dirty Heads new single “Dance All Night”.

I mean, what more can one ask for? How about guest cameo appearances in these music videos?

Well, these Reggae-Rock bands roll with a deep crew, as one can see Tommy Chong and Norwood Fisher from Fishbone in Slightly Stoopid’s latest video for their single, “Top Of The World”.

Now, even the production quality has increased to the level that MTV is taking note. No longer is it just the catchy song with a comical video to accompany, like Pepper’s “Give It Up”, which is a great song and video, but rather a great visual story to play side-by-side with the eloquent script writing lyricism of these bands and their respective frontmen.

Don’t feel down when you start wondering where all those great music videos of old are. If you ponder that question, “Where have all the music videos gone?” Well, stay calm, they are all resting safely within the Reggae-Rock community with all our favorite bands!

To view all the recent music videos, scroll down below and ENJOY, one by one!

Article By: Kris Siuta
Photo By: Kit Chalberg and Dave Norris

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