Will Kubley of Passafire to Release New Music with ‘The Hugeness’

Will Kubley of Passafire to Release New Music with ‘The Hugeness’

Passafire bassist, Will Kubley, has never been one to pump the brakes. When he’s not tearing up the stage or writing and recording music with Passafire, he’s likely still working on music in other capacities. Enter ‘The Hugeness’ – Kubley’s new project that is slated to release a full-length album in 2018 as a follow-up to their self-titled nine track release from 2016.

The Hugeness can best be described as a four-piece rock outfit – along with Kubley, Dustin Hall, Patrick “Pleshuh P” Simon and Henry Muehlhausen fill out the rest of the lineup. Listeners will find their music more in the realm of experimental rock, bolstered by powerful moments of healthy distortion. For example, if listeners load up the track “Painted Eyes” below from their release in 2016 (highly recommended), they will find themselves jamming along to the tastiest of riffs reminiscent of Death From Above 1979 or Royal Blood. The Hugeness

But perhaps the most appealing aspect of the quartet is that the music is inspired by simply having fun and creating sounds with one another. The Pier received several updates directly from Will Kubley and Dustin Hall regarding the details for the forthcoming release, and the camaraderie between the group seems to be at an all-time high.

Dustin shares: “This the first album conceived top-to-bottom by all of us with Will in the lineup. In many ways, it’s the first complete iteration of what The Hugeness truly sounds like. This is a rock album. A conceptual rock album at that. So, it’s going to have some weird adventurous shit going on in tandem with the soaring, borderline-ridiculous outros we love to create.”

Kubley also added that the album will feature 10 tracks with a Summer 2018 release. Similar to Passafire’s latest 2017 record, Longshot, the album is being recorded at the acclaimed Sonic Ranch studios in Tornilla, TX. He also mentioned that he believes the band captured something special from being able to work so collaboratively, citing that the recordings were done as a full band, live – with “minimal pro tools trickery.”

Kubley gave The Pier additional insight, stating: “Simply put – these guys have pushed me to sing and play in ways I never have before. A lot of the vocals were left to finish as we were tracking. There were moments of genuine holy-fuck-surprise it felt so good to actually capture that spontaneity.”

Check back in a few months as more details are released for the new album and find some tracks from their self-titled release The Hugeness below!

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Article By: Brian Glaser

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