Zander to Release EP, Drops New Single ‘Sunshine State’

Zander to Release EP, Drops New Single ‘Sunshine State’

Perhaps a more under-the-radar solo artist, the Florida-based reggae-pop Zander has been working behind the scenes to generate momentum and put the finishing touches on new music that he will be packaging up in the form of an EP entitled Sunshine State of Mind. The album is slated for a June 22 release and Zander has recently dropped a single from the forthcoming record, fittingly titled “Sunshine State.”
Zander has been releasing music since 2015, and the music has historically been in the form of singles. Sunshine State of Mind will be the first release not via singles, and it is expected that Zander will continue to tour as often as possible. In addition to popping up in venues across the US, he’s also had the opportunity to play in Australia, Latin America and the Carribean – most recently serving as the supporting act for The Wailers.

Zander’s sound is self-described as music that “vibrates with colors of reggae, pop, funk and rock, and is all about living in the moment and loving everything life throws at you.” His most recent track from his forthcoming EP is a light, vibrant track that exudes a steady drum beat and ukelele strumming, coupled with a jazzy sax and deep bass-line. A worthy addition to your summer playlist, see for yourself by firing up the track below:

Zander – “Sunshine State”

If this track is any indication of what Zander’s Sunshine State of Mind EP will sound like, then chances are high this will serve as a stepping stone of what’s to come in the future. Zander was featured on the lineup for Reggae Rise Up Florida earlier this year, and seems to keep a healthy touring regimen so check back soon for any tour announcements.

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Article By: Brian Glaser

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