Zen Robbi’s Disney Cover!

Zen Robbi’s Disney Cover!

2012 has been a ponderous year for the Zen Robbi trio. After countless summer fiasco’s and local performances, LA’s Zen heads refuse to let the summer buzz fade, by releasing yet another new song; one that may reach into the crevasses of your deepest childhood memories.

In the infant months of 2012, Zen Robbi released their first ever acoustic album: Lovely In The Middle: An Acoustic Collection, a deadly concoction of musical styles with knee-striking dance-ability. But there were songs recorded during the Lovely in the Middle sessions that no one knew about, and the payoff has arrived this summer.

The trio has unleashed two more singles in the last two months, both recorded at Hollywoodstock Studios, lead-singer Mic Dangerously’s home studio. “That’s My Jam” was truly a funkadelic jam featuring multiple guests including Kat Nestel, Micah Brown, Casey Sullivan(Seedless), Todd Forman(Sublime), and many more. So how did Zen Robbi plan to top this musical fiasco? By covering a quite popular Disney classic, that’s how.

This month, Zen Robbi finally decided to wake up the bear. Pun intended– because the LA trio inevitably covered a Jungle Book favorite, Louis Prima’s I Wanna Be Like You. Singer Mic Dangerously claims Louis Prima as his “hands down” favorite singer, although he has always been a fan of the early Disney tunes.

The song features the classic Jungle Book rhythm, with Baloo the Bear being replaced by Mic Dangerously on vocals and an edgy acoustic guitar extension. Zen Robbi invited Mr. Crumb(Jelly of the Month Club) to play the ukulele and Michael Cartwright to jam the trumpet.

You can listen to Zen Robbi’s newest cover right here, or you can download it for FREE from their website.

After a summer of performances and two singles, Zen Robbi already has upcoming concert plans. They have four October shows booked near the west coast, including one at DiPiazza’s with the heavy metal mariachi band, Metalachi. Check below for details!

Tour Dates
Oct 4 @ Saint Rock, Hermosa Beach, CA.
Oct 5 @ Beach Club, San Diego, CA.
Oct 18 @ Tiki Bar, Orange County, CA.
Oct 26 @ DiPiazza’s, Long Beach, CA. (w/ Metalachi)

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Article By: Matt Emodi

Video: Zen Robbi’s Youtube collage for their first summer jam, That’s My Jam!