Ziggy Marley Acts on Hawaii Five-0 + New Record!

Ziggy Marley Acts on Hawaii Five-0 + New Record!

Ziggy Marley made his acting debut as a guest appearance on Hawaii Five-0. Playing throughout the episode were two new songs from Ziggy’s upcoming self-titled album, Ziggy Marley, which is set to release May 20th!
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The Hawaii Five-0 episode aired on the CBS network on Friday, February 26th. Ziggy acted as an informant for the Hawaii PD as a character named ‘Bones’, a specialist in human trafficking. Bones is a very like-able, lighthearted and smart character that Ziggy did an astounding job capturing. He even added an extra Jamaican twist, which his on-set partner, played by Chi Mcbride thought was fun to work with. Ziggy described the experience in a Hawaii Five-0 exclusive interview as a “mind opening experience, a new kind of freedom, I had to let go of himself and get out of my own head”.

In addition to playing a role on the show, Ziggy used this opportunity as a unique way to debut two new tracks, “Weekend’s Long” and “Ceceil” from his soon to be released self-titled record. A third song, “Forward to Love” from his 4th studio album Wild and Free was also included in the episode.

In an exclusive Hawaii Five-0 interview, Ziggy shares some insight on this new 12 track album. From his last record, Fly Rasta (2014), to this new one, Ziggy believes he has grown. Every song on his self-titled album is about something going on in the world and following the truth. “Ceceil” is a love song. Ziggy shares, “I think the word love is in every song I have ever written.”

“When writing this record and previous ones, the process is all about being open minded.” Ziggy hopes that people think a little bit more when they listen to his music and use his lyrics to explore themselves a little deeper.

The album is now available for pre-order though iTunes. As a treat, when you pre-order the album, the song “Weekend’s Long” will be available instantly for download! You can pre-order the album on iTunes by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Julia Goodman

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