Ziontific Summer Solstice Music Festival

Ziontific Summer Solstice Music Festival

June 17-20, 2016, the 6th annual Ziontific Summer Solstice Music Festival will take place at its new home on Prospect Mountain in Woodford, VT. The Ziontific team has assembled a head-turning list of emergent reggae acts, particularly showcasing East Coast/New England talent like Roots of Creation (NH), Spiritual Rez (MA), Fear Nuttin Band (MA), and SensaMotion (NJ).

Founded on reggae, funk, and conscious hip-hop, Ziontific Summer Solstice Music Festival’s steadily increasing popularity pushed the staff to find a larger, more accommodating venue for the growing festival this year. After 5 successful years in central Vermont, Ziontific has moved south to Woodford, VT, making for an easier LineUpMemecommute for the many attendees traveling from Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and other East Coast locations. The new, larger location has also allowed Ziontific to add a second stage, and to secure more bands than ever before.

In the past, Ziontific has hosted performances by major reggae acts such as Rootz Underground and The Movement, up-and-comers like TreeHouse! and Kings & Comrades, as well as Vermont’s own jam band face melters Twiddle. This year’s lineup includes some of the regions most promising bands, but also brings in Colorado’s dub specialists Tatanka and South Carolina’s reggae rock trio Sun-Dried Vibes.

Ziontific put a ton of effort into making the weekend more than simply a music festival. Prospect Mountain serves as a cross-country ski area in the winter, meaning the venue has an enormous hiking trail system for when festival goers are looking for a break from the action. There will be a “Wellness Village” with yoga classes and workshops on spoken word and poetry, meditation, and hooping. Ziontific is a family-friendly festival ideal for all ages and includes a “kidZone,” filled with activities like mask making, dreamcatcher crafting, and face painting. Like any legitimate music festival, there is also a silent disco for those looking to extend the party into the early morning.

In collaboration with Strangers Helping Strangers, Ziontific has set a goal to attain 400 lbs of non-perishable food in their annual food drive, handing out prizes to the largest donations. So be sure to bring along some extra items from your pantry.

If you’re interested in purchasing tickets or want more information on all the performing artists, activities, and amenities, head over to Ziontific’s website for all the details. A trail map, google map and overview sketch of the grounds is also available.

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Article By: Brian Winters

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