10 Questions with Geoff Weers (The Expendables)

10 Questions with Geoff Weers (The Expendables)

As part of our Summer of Silverback promo campaign here at The Pier, we are going to try and get to know some of the band members a little better and what their favorite things are.

First up we got vocalist and guitarist for The ExpendablesGeoff Weers. Keep checking back to see more of your favorite band members answer our standard 10 questions!

1. All-time favorite album? Michael Jackson – Thriller

2. Favorite movie? Coming to America

3. Favorite food? Toss up between lasagna and meatloaf

4. Drink of choice? Can’t ever go wrong with orange juice

5. Favorite sport/team? The San Jose Sharks kick ass

6. Most memorable concert you have been to? Billy Idol at our home town venue, The Catalyst.

7. Favorite song to play live? Donkey Show

8. Most embarrassing song on your IPod? The Sesame Street theme song

9. Worst job I had was… The Boardwalk amusement park

10. If I could turn back time I would… Invent velcro, I would be rich!!!