10 Questions with Wesley Finley (Rebelution)

10 Questions with Wesley Finley (Rebelution)

Up next as part of our Summer of Silverback promo campaign here at The Pier, is 10 questions with Rebelution drummer Wesley Finley.

1. All-time favorite album? Cielo by Dredg. A concept rock album about sleep paralysis and influenced by my favorite artist Salvador Dali.

2. Favorite movie? Gattaca. A realistic look at the future of genetics with an awesome soundtrack to match.

3. Favorite food? food. Whether it’s sweet or spicy Thai has it. They hardly use dairy and use good ingredients like tofu, basil, and coconut milk.

4. Drink of choice? A frosty Newcastle. If not that then another cold hoppy beer or gin & tonic.

5. Favorite sport/team? Don’t really follow sports too much but been an SF Giants fan most of my life. My mom took me to many games as a kid.

6. Most memorable concert you have been to? Every Dredg show I’ve gone to has inspired me in some way. Their drummer plays the keyboard and drums simultaneously which is incredible to witness.

7. Favorite song to play live? I always like playing Bright Side of Life because it’s rocking the entire time, but I’ve recently loved playing So High too because it’s so mellow and has so much space to work with.

8. Most embarrassing song on your IPod? Take A Bow by Madonna. Let’s not talk about it.

9. Worst job I had was… Telemarketing. I’ve never dreaded going to work so much in my life.

10. If I could turn back time I would… “…find a way, I’d take back those words that hurt you, And you’d stay” -Cher. But seriously, I would have been more serious about the drum-set earlier in my formative years because it would have paid off today.