2012 Most Anticipated Albums

2012 Most Anticipated Albums

Welcome to our Most Anticipated Albums of 2012!

If there is any truth to the Mayan Calendar or Nostradamus’s prediction of an apocalypse in 2012, then all of us lovers of Reggae-Rock will have some pretty kick ass music to go out listening to before the world ends. We did our best to reach out to as many groups & artists looking to release music this year and we received 48 submissions that are included below.

We’d be remiss to say that we don’t plan on releasing The Pier Comp Vol. 2. this year, but it’s well within our sights and we aim to dish out our 2nd Volume Compilation that will include strictly unreleased music. No one likes picking up a compilation full of previously released music, so we will be hard at work networking with some of your favorite artists for an all new Compilation. No time line is set for the release, but it’ll be sold exclusively here at The Pier!

Tribal Seeds, not mentioned below, has plans for a 2012 release, but when we contacted the group for further details, they indicated there wasn’t anything concrete to announce, but they plan on starting the campaign for their new album sometime this Spring. There have been rumors that Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome, will be releasing a solo album this year, but nothing official was communicated when we asked their management. Rome did however tell us directly in an interview about plans to collaborate with 311 for a new song.

Don Carlos will be re-releasing his back catalog on the digital outlets, including the albums “Deeply Concerned” “Raving Tonight” “7 Days A Week” “Them Never Know Natty Dread Have Him Credential” “Special Edition” and possibly others. There will be some guest appearances with bands/singers from around the world but the details are still being worked out. Don is branching out into other genres while keeping his foundation in reggae roots.

Michael Franti has been lighting up his social network with updates of him recording a new album in the studio, but nothing was returned when we sent in inquiries for an update. Some Pacific Island artists have new albums in the works as it’s said that Katchafire as well as Inna Vision have new music to contribute, but nothing was returned when we reached out to them.

As you’ll read below, we’re expecting a very busy January leading into Spring & Summer, which tends to be the case when we’re contacting groups in December for 2012 Album Info. Groups with plans for a Fall or Winter release are a little less informative on their plans due to the uncertainty of a release not expected for 8-10 months, but we included their information anyway.

Regardless of who or what you do or don’t see listed in this article below, The Pier will always bring you the up to date information on any new releases as soon as they’re made available to us. For now, absorb all the new info on new music set to be the soundtrack that will guide us right into a predicted apocalypse! Enjoy…

-The Pier Fam!

Most Anticipated Albums of 2012…

The Dirty Heads
Nominated by The Pier as 2011 Artist of the Year, Dirty Heads are expected to release a 12-14 track album this Spring. Rumors have been swirling for a release anywhere between March & May, but fans can rest assure that the highly anticipated new album is being released in 2012! They tracked at 17th Street Studios with Lew Richards and have also been working with Mario C (Beastie Boys) out of Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, TX. We were told that there would be some guest appearances on the album, but they’d like it to remain a secret and keep it for a nice surprise. Fans have been hearing new songs live, such as ”We Will Rise”, “Burn By Myself” and “Hipster”.
In an Interview w/ThePier they also spoke of a new song called ”Cabin By The Sea”. The cover art and theme of the release is expected to embody a bit of a retro vibe in color and texture. Jared told The Pier the new album utilizes more acoustic sounds and is more stripped down while “it still has tightness. It has a cool vibe but it isn’t loose or sloppy. We just relied on the instruments themselves more.” Jared also said that he feels their new album is a great reflection of who they really are as a band. They had a blast with Any Port In A Storm, but have really tapped in to the soul of the band with this new anticipated album.

No Doubt
No Doubt will be releasing their 6th album and first in over a decade in 2012 as the whole album has been produced Mark “Spike” Stent, who was behind the production on their Rock Steady album. They have also collaborated in production with Diplo & Switch. It’s been reported that they are taking influence from Ska & Reggae for the new album. It was originally set to be released in 2011, but the group decided to delay the release to ensure quality.
They have 10 track titles that have been revealed that include expected prom theme song Dreaming The Same Dream”, ”One More Summer”, “Gravity”, “Settle Down”, “Easy”, “Heaven”, “Undercover”, “Push & Shove”, “Looking Hot” and “Sparkle”. The album has yet to be titled and is rumored to feature a big-name guest artist and collaboration with Major Lazer.

Stephen Marley
In 2011 Stephen Marley released Revelation Pt1: The Root of Life as a 2 part album project with the second being called Revelation Pt 2: The Fruit of Life. Initially set for a Fall 2011 release, the album will be coming out sometime in 2012. No word on a release date, but Stephen Marley explained:
”THE FRUIT OF LIFE will be more open, eclectic kind of record. There will be songs for the club, dancehall reggae will be there, love songs in there, but it will remain conscious good music that you can always take something positive from.”
Stephen is known for having guest heavy releases and while no guests were disclosed, we can only anticipate the new album having some interesting collaborations

SOJA, voted by YOU the fans as The Pier’s 2011 Artist of the Year, will be releasing their 4th studio album titled Strength to Survive on January 31st via ATO Records (Dave Matthews Band). The album will include 13 brand new tracks which was produced by John Alagia (Dave Matthews, John Mayer, O.A.R.).
Lead singer Jacob Hemphill says Strength To Survive was greatly inspired by Bob Marley’s Survival.
“That’s the greatest reggae album ever made. Marley wrote that album after he went to Africa, and I lived in Africa when I was a kid. I remember listening to that album for the first time and having all these long-forgotten memories unleashed. So Africa was always a big part of our lives—it defined our family, in a way. Music came right after that, so, for me, music was always tied to Africa and music was always something powerful.”
Jacob Hemphill, SOJA

Slightly Stoopid
Slightly Stoopid, nominated as The Pier’s 2011 Artist of the Year, has been at their home studio in San Diego, CA working with engineers James Wisner aka J Wiz and Bob Marley’s original Engineer, Errol Brown, on a new album. We reported this last year and not a lot of NEW info has been released since then. When we spoke with Kyle McDonald in September ’11, he told us:
“We are pretty much done with the record. It is just politics, so whenever that is done it will be out. You can look for it in 2012 in the spring…early in the spring. Yeah, we make a lot of music in our studio and just go and skate and have a good time!” .
No album title just yet, but the group will be collaborating once again with Barrington Levy, G. Love & Don Carlos. In addition, they’ll also be releasing a DVD from their live webcast performance at TRI Studios. No word if the audio will be pulled from the DVD so we can throw the songs on our Ipods. Stay tuned!

Matisyahu actually has two albums in the making for 2012. According to an interview with Billboard, ”Akedah Teaching to Love” was recorded with his current touring band, The Dub Trio. It is to be based on the biblical story of Abraham prepping his son Isaac to sacrifice to God. He mentioned that his second album on the chopping block is more hip-hop oriented, aiming for a top 40 sound rather than alternative. Here’s what Matisyahu said back in June in regards to his more hip hop oriented album:
”I met a young producer out of L.A. named Kojak, who’s part of a team — Dr. Luke’s team. Really Top 40 guy, you know pop radio. And we hit it off and started writing celebratory, light, accessible, fun songs – obviously with meaning and with my tilt to it and my vibe and all that, but just fun – really more of a light-hearted record.”Matisyahu

It’s been stated that punk icons NOFX are working on a new album slated for 2012 and will be their first release since 2009’s Coaster. It’s rumored that the group is planning a return to their roots with 9 cover versions of obscure American hardcore songs. There will be no track listing and the cover art inside will be completely blank. In addition, there’s no album title because the group didn’t like the idea of “Self-Titled” nor did they want to come up with one. Not much other info has been released, but we’ll keep you up to date on any new info!

On January 10th, Rebelution will release their 3rd studio album, Peace Of Mind, through their own label 87 Music in partnership with Controlled Substance Sound Labs. Voted by YOU the fans as The Pier’s Live Artist of the Year, Rebelution will be expanding beyond their normal in-house production routine, collaborating with five different producers comprised of Michael Goldwasser (Easy Star All-Stars), Amplive (Zion-I), Yeti Beats (George Clinton, Kool Keith), Keith Armstrong and Errol Brown (Stephen, Ziggy, Damian, and Bob Marley).
One reason behind the hall of fame cast of producers was due to Rebelution’s idea of putting out a triple album, complete with a standard studio album, a stripped down acoustic album, as well as a dub remix album of all 12-album tracks. Although, nothing is standard about Rebelution’s Peace of Mind, the band keeps building upon their signature style while expanding the musical landscape that is reggae-rock.
Read The Pier’s Official Album Review HERE

Authority Zero
2012 is shapping up to be a big year for Authority Zero who plan on 2 separate releases. On January 31st, fans will be able to pick up a double album titled “Less Rhythm, More Booze”. The double album will feature 18 live songs and over an hour of live footage of the group’s onstage performance. The forthcoming live album will be released in partnership with Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge’s Viking Funeral and the Kottonmouth Kings Brad Xavier’s Suburban Noize Records. This should hold fans over until their next full length studio releases in June/July. The group worked with producer Ryan Greene in the past, but aside from the new album expected to be 13-14 new songs, everything is up in the air from the studio to the producer.
Here’s what Authority Zero’s front man Jason Devore told The Pier about the next studio album: “The new release will be our first in two years so expect a lot of intensity regardless of the style coming out, and the good old’ counter balance the ups and downs both musically and lyrically. We’re putting a lot of time and energy into this one and can’t wait to get it out.”Jason Devore, Authority Zero

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
Nominated as The Pier’s 2011 Live Artist of the Year, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad has 2 albums set to release this year. The first one titled ”Country” will be released on January 31st via Controlled Substance Sound Labs and includes 10 total tracks. It was produced by Giant Panda as well as Billy Hume (NAS, STS9, Ludacris) at The Zone in Atlanta, GA. The second release, titled In These Times will be a 12-14 track album, also released on Controlled Substance Sound Labs for a March 27th release. It’s a two year home brewed project of psychedelic roots and dub. It will include guest appearances by members of both John Browns Body & The Green. Here’s what the group told The Pier in regards to their newest release, Country:
”The recording of “Country” was the most natural experience GPGDS has ever had making music together. All of our songs are born on acoustic guitars. We play them for comfort and we play them for joy. We play them to pass the time. More importantly, we record them to leave a legacy that will be here when we are not. For this album we walked into Joel’s newly constructed sound ranch in summer 2011 and he pressed record for the first time. “Country” is what got laid down. It was unplanned, fun, and real. We’re so happy to present this experience to you in a way that will keep for eternity. Please hold it close to your hearts and use it to get through the tough times and enhance the better ones. Sing, play, and share these songs. Listen at HEREJames Searl, GPGDS

The Expendables
The Expendables, nominated as The Pier’s Live Artist of the Year, are expected to put out an acoustic album sometime in 2012. No release date has been conveyed as they plan on taking their time recording it out of their newly built home recording studio. Their acoustic album is said to have fan favorites along with their own favorites, but it’s not simply the acoustic version of each song. Some songs will have a melody change, but they are taking their time so they can get a feel and vibe for the acoustic instruments.
Guitarist Raul and drummer Adam said during an interview that they recently bought new acoustic guitars, but plan on using violins, horns, and possibly acoustic percussion to intertwine into the music. They plan to take their time on the project from their home studio before possibly sending it to producer Paul Leary (Sublime, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid). They are still unsure about putting new music on the album or if there will be any guests, but they’re set on an acoustic album for 2012.

Easy Star All-Stars
Easy Star All-Stars, known for their brilliant tribute albums have another tribute album in the works to be released this Summer. As always, it’ll be released on Easy Star Records and much of the details for the album is being kept close to chest as this year’s Tribute album is a complete surprise. It’s being produced by Michael G and the group has been back and forth, between both Studio G & Capture Sound located in Brooklyn NY.
While much of this new tribute album being kept a secret, here’s what Eric Smith of Easy Star Records told The Pier:
”After over two year of intense discussion and debate we finally agreed on which album to do for the 4th Easy Star All-Stars tribute album earlier this year. Michael G, worked on the arrangements over the Summer and Fall and we went back into the studio this December to lay down the tracks. We will be doing overdubs through the New Year and expect to mix the album in March. We’re going to start revealing details about the album in the Spring leading up to the Summer release, and will definitely keep The Pier in the loop along the way. We are very excited about how the music is coming out, fans can expect the usual Easy Star magic for sure!”Eric Smith, Easy Star Records

The Movement
The Movement has a new 11 track album titled One More Night set to be released early this year. Although no release date has been confirmed, it was initially intended to be released in 2011, but was pushed back to 2012 and includes song titles such as ”One More Night”, “Easy Love”, “Area”, “Lonely at the Top” “Mr. Policeman”, “Across The Bridge”, & “When The Feelings Go Away”. This will be the group’s 3rd full length album and first release since 2008’s Set Sail.
This release also marks the first album the group has recorded as a collective unit being that their 2008 Set Sail release was written and recorded before their current Drummer, Bassist & Keyboardist joined the group. “One More Night” was recorded at Black Dog Studios in Stone Mountain, GA with producers Rick Beato & Ken “Grand” Lanyon. There’s no expected guest appearances and the artwork you’re seeing was done by Kc Cowan.

What would 2012 be without a highly anticipated new release from Iration? Nominated by The Pier as 2011’s Artist of the Year, Iration is set for a new release in 2012. We could go into details about it, but we figure we’d let you read up in a direct quote from bassist Adam Taylor. Here’s what he had to say in regards to their new album:
”We’re really to excited to be back in the studio in the upcoming months. We’re tentatively planning a studio release this summer and hope to have a single out by early spring. No details yet as to an album title or theme, but we are excited to say that the writing process has gone really well – we can’t wait to lay down these tracks. We’ll be recording this album at Rami Jaffee’s (Wallflowers/Foo Fighters) Fonogenic Studios in the Los Angeles area. Fans can expect collaborations with Cage the Elephant guitarist Lincoln Parish, who will also be co-producing recordings. We couldn’t be more stoked! We’ll be sure to keep our fans, as well as The Pier up to date with developments as they progress. Aloha”Adam Taylor, Iration

Tomorrows Bad Seeds
Tomorrows Bad Seeds has been spending a lot of time at The Village Studios in Los Angeles, CA working on a new album. This will be the 3rd full length album from TBS. They’re hoping for a Spring/Summer time release. We’ll have more information on the new release as soon as it’s made available to us. Stay Tuned.

Anuhea, who was featured on our Pacific Island Sampler & Nominated as The Pier’s 2011 Breakout Artist of the Year, Anuhea will be releasing her 13 track album, For Love, through Universal Distribution early in 2012. When we spoke with her in October, she was anticipating a February release. The album was completed at Matchbox Studios in Austin, TX with award winning producer Dwight Baker (Kelly Clarkson, Heart, Enrique Iglesias). Tim from Plain White T’s is rumored to be playing Guitar on a new song, along with George Reiff, (Dixie Chicks Touring Bassist), on another song.
Jacob Hemphill of SOJA produced a song for hers titled “It’s Not The Same”. JP from The Green produced 2 other songs, a jamming ballad called “Issues” and this down tempo club banger called “I Wanna Be There”, as well as the previously released “Crown Royal” and “Come Over Love” which are also expected to be on the album. When asked about the title of her album, For Love, Anuhea told The Pier “I believe it should be all for LOVE. I made this album for the love of music and everything it brings to my life.”

VooDoo Glow Skulls
Voodoo Glow Skulls will be releasing their new 14 track album titled Break The Spell on January 17th. The Casillas brothers and Jerry O’Neill have been around for nearly 24 years writing music together and this will be their first album since 2007’s California Street Music. The group has gone on record to say that this release will stretch back to their roots. This will be the groups 9th studio album and contains such song titles as “Bro Truck”, “My Girlfriend Is A Chola”, and “Police Knocking On My Door”.

Fortunate Youth
Fortunate Youth, nominated by The Pier as 2011’s Breakout Artist of the Year, is kicking down 2012 with 2 New Releases. In April or May they’ll be releasing their ”MoBoogie Loft Sessions” from when they sat down with MoBoogie Videos at the old MoBoogie loft in Denver CO. Joe of Tribal Seeds is featured on a track titled ”MoBoogie Blues” and there will be 13 total songs, 6 of which are previously unreleased. Then in the later winter of this year, fans can look forward to their 2nd Full Length album. Here’s what the group had to say about the MoBoogie release:
”This Album is a perfect reflection of us(Fortunate Youth) at Home with our Music. Very Rootsy and Raw this acoustic album was recorded over 4 different tours. And not only that, but it was our(Fortunate Youth) first 4 nations tours”Dan Kelly, Fortunate Youth

Mojo Morgan
MOJO Morgan, of Morgan Heritage will be releasing a solo album this spring. It’s titled Dark Side of the Roots and Mojo has been working with a ton of producers including Billy Szeflinski, DJ Icey & Marlon Deja. He’s been tracking inside such studios as Home Grown, The Kennel, Global Studios (Holland), House of Riddim (Austria), Lions Den & The Funk Factory. Look out for special guests courtesy of Stephen & Damian Marley, Beres Hammond, Lady Saw, Turkessa, Richie Campbell, Peeta Morgan & Nina Simone. There will be 10-13 total songs and as Mojo put it ”The album is guaranteed to stimulate the heart, mind, body and soul.”

The Black Seeds
NZ’s The Black Seeds are looking forward to releasing their new album Dust & Dirt this April. The album is expected to be 11-12 tracks and have been working with producer Mike Fabulous. Here’s additional info on the album that is straight from vocalist Barnaby Weir: ”Kia Ora all! The Black Seeds fifth studio album “Dust and Dirt” is almost ready for digestion and we are excited about it! We’ve been working on it part time for close to two years now, giving the new songs a long simmering and road-testing them around New Zealand, Australia and even New Caledonia. We feel it’s our best yet, a musical progression that sounds like a mixture of our two previous albums “Into The Dojo” and “Solid Ground,” with an added dose of freshness and some new killer rhythms. We recorded it at our own studio in Wellington, which gave us the freedom to really get the best out of ourselves over a longer time frame and test and trial the tones with our own Mike Fabulous at the controls. For one of the tracks “Pippy Pip” we actually invited our fans to sing along on the chorus.”Barnaby Weir, The Black Seeds

It’s been tough receiving info on Pepper’s next release, but when we contacted drummer Yesod Williams, he told us directly that ”Pepper is expected to release a new full length album in 2012, we’re currently at The Sound Factory in Hollywood, going old school recording straight to 2″ tape, trying to keep it as live as possible.” As far as release date, album title or guest appearances? Well all you Pepper fans will have to hold tight as we’ll have updates as soon as they’re made available to us, but look for a new album from Pepper this year!

The Supervillains
The Supervillains have a 6 track EP set for a Spring time release, titled Robots. The EP was produced by Brett Hestla at Hestla Productions and includes song titles such as ”Rapture”, “Hell”, “Limbo”, “Purgatory”, “Space”, and ”Heaven”. Here’s what Vocalist/Guitarist Scott “Skart” Suldo had to say about the new release:
”Dan and I joke about it being a mash-up of a creative writing assignment and an art project. Long-time fans of the band are going to be doing cartwheels. It’s super-fast right out of the gate, and the tempo is pretty brutal in general. It’s something that we have really wanted to get done right for about a decade. It’s a concept record, inspired by Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, jumps through about a dozen genres and even has some fun artsy Pink Floyd-ish stuff going on. It’s definitely something new for the fans to chew on while we are working on our next full-length record.”Scott “Skart” Suldo

Micah Brown
Micah Brown, nominated by The Pier as 2011’s Break Out Artist of the Year is set to have a 13-15 track Spring release. It’s being produced by Lew Richards out of 17th Street Studios and features guest appearances by Matthew Luifau (Seedless), Sussie Luifau, Kat Nestel, & Juan Rios. Here’s how Micah described the new album to us:
”The new album is a great mix of Blues, Folk, Rock, and even some Reggae. Although we haven’t decided on a release date, we are all fairly confident that it will be ready to release for your listening pleasure, Spring 2012.”Micah Brown

Oshen, who was featured on our Pacific Island Sampler, will be working on 3 simultaneous albums to be released in early 2012. One is a straight up reggae album, with Rumble Rock Recordz and Truckback Records(Jamaica). The second is more of a pop reggae project with producer Carlos Villalobos (who produced Oshen’s first album) in Chicago and the third expected release is a club/reggae type album with a DJ from PNG named AK47…. Each release is expected to be about 10 to 12 different original songs on each of them..There’s no album title or cover art just yet, but OShen informed us to expect some guest appearances by some Jamaican artists on the straight reggae album. No other info available but 3 releases in 365 days makes this a big year for OShen & his fans.

Josh Fischel & The Fiction
Josh Fischel has a new band and its called Josh Fischel & The Fiction and fans can expect a new album sometime this summer. The album will be titled ”Quixotic”, pronounced Quicks-Aw-Tic, which means foolishly impractical, especially in the pursuit of ideals: marked by rash, lofty, romantic ideas”. We were told to expect a lot of Rock & Soul as Josh Fischel told The Pier the title “Is kind of how I see my musical career and the idea of continuing to be a full time musician for all these years.” The album is expected to be 14 total songs with tracks such as ”Go Down, The Real Housewives of the Salton Sea”, “Dream No. 6”, “Wait 4 U”, “Two But There’s One”, “Jericho” and more.
It was recorded at Fork & Spoon Studios in Long Beach, CA and produced by Kris “Natureboy” Jackson & Josh Fischel. Josh went on to tell The Pier, “I’ve always been a storyteller and some of the subjects on this album will include reality shows, drug addiction, death, new love, war, religion, sub-conscious thought, family, heartbreak, and growing old. A lot of heavy subjects but, surprisingly, a lot of it sounds pretty hopeful. And you can dance your ass off to it!!”Josh Fischel

The Holdup
The Holdup has a new 12 track album in the works titled Consequence set for a Spring release. It’s being produced by Mike Garmany & Clev Stiles out of Dub Rock Records. They recently released a single from the new album titled ”Slow Songs”.
Here’s what Clev Stiles told The Pier about the new release:
”We are experimenting with new sounds and production techniques to keep things fresh. Each Holdup album brings a new diverse style and with each album, new trends grow and develop. Although we are only in the beginning stages of writing and production, we are excited to see what direction we end up with.”Clev Stiles, The Holdup.

3rd Alley
Sometime this LATE Spring, 3rd Alley will release their 7 track EP titled Smoke & Mirrors. The 7 songs will include such tracks as ”Strange Brew”, “My Girls Got a Rap Sheet”, “Sweeter Than Sugar”, “Smoke & Mirrors”, “King Jester”, “Dekkarize” and more. It was recorded out of Rise Above & 17th Street Studios and will feature Adrian Young (of No Doubt) on drums, Trey Pangborn & Evan Kilbourne. Todd Forman, formerly of Sublime With Rome, has been working with 3rd Alley frontman Zack Walters and told The Pier what fans can expect:
“We’ve got ourselves in a nice little rhythm producing music at the home studio with lots of cool collaborations — all done with a liberal attitude and in good fun. We think our music is unique to the ear because it ain’t rushed and voices aren’t hushed. Zack will never have lead vocalist syndrome so there ain’t no dictatorship going on. Also, everybody pitches in their soul and nobody gives a damn about the money…Probably because we realize there is none in the music biz or maybe we just love the process of creativity with our fellow comrades. Anyway, we hope this ethos translates to our fans through the music we are making. Thanks for listening and thanks to the Pier for giving us this killer forum!
Todd Forman, 3rd Alley

Fear Nuttin Band
Fear Nuttin Band has a new album titled Vibes, Love, Revolution set to drop on April 3rd on BoomBlaze Records. It’ll include guest appearances by members of SOJA horn section who helped with songs ”Better Days”, “Troddin”, Herbalize The Nation”.. Other songs set to be on the album in a bonus edition is the Christafari Dub Remix of the song ”Rebel” and an acoustic rendering of ”Herbalize The Nation”. Look for other track titles such as ”Born to Battle”, “No Matter How Far”, “Better Days”, “Just Your Love”, “Love Is Alive” and more. The album has been produced by Christafari “BoomBlaze” Regan w/Jim Fogarty. Here’s what the Fear Nuttin Band disclosed to The Pier:
“Right now we are deep into working on the new record ‘Vibes, Love, Revolution’, which is one of the overall themes of the band and what we write songs about. It’s got a roots vibe, some dub feel, some acoustic work and FNB’s signature guitar riffage. Once again the biggest respect to the entire SOJA crew who’ve been there from the beginning with us. The chemistry and friendship amongst the two bands makes it easy for us to collaborate and focus on real music, for ourselves and all the Real Life Soldiers out there. BoomBlaze!”

Pacific Dub
Pacific Dub is shooting for a late Spring, early Summer release. It’ll be their 2nd full length album that’s expected to be between 12-15 total tracks. It’s being recorded at 17th Street Studios with producer Lew Richards. Fans can expect an upbeat, positive, summertime theme on this new record.
Bryce stopped by and told The Pier ”We are taking our time recording this album, and making sure we do it the right way and not rush it. Let me tell you, all the new songs sound amazing, and I promise this album will be our best to date. Thanks for all your continued love, and support. It means the world to me, and all of us with Pacific Dub
Bryce, Pacific Dub

Echo Movement
Echo Movement has an album set to be released in September and according to the group, it’s geared towards space and human outreach. They’re working with NASA and a university lab in GA to bring something never before heard. It’s being produced at the groups home studio and is expected to be 8 new songs.
The group said in a statement about their new album that ”We’re honored to share our music and perspectives with people. Our focus is to bring happiness to the people who enable us to do what we love and we hope this album is a unique contribution to the scene.”

Stick Figure
Stick Figure is gearing up for his next album titled Burial Ground with hopes of a late winter, early spring release. The album will be 100% self produced, written & recorded. So far, Half Pint is expected to make an appearance on one of the 13-14 new tracks, that will also include a trippy dub instrumental.
Here’s what Scott Woodruff of Stick Figure told The Pier:
“This record has been a few years in the works now and though I probably could have released it awhile ago, I want to make sure it’s ready and it’s done before I officially release it. A few of the songs I started writing 7 or 8 years ago but never really did anything with them. This album has a similar sound to my last solo record, “Smoke Stack,” which is in my opinion, my best work to date. I think that this record will showcase a lot of new tricks that I have learned, especially in the dub area. Overall, I think the Stick Figure fans are going to really enjoy this one and I hope the wait will have been worth it.”Scott Woodruff, Stick Figure

Fayuca has a Spring release in mind for their first album under their new label Fervor Records. It’ll be produced by Jim Wilcox of Authority Zero as well as their Label Jeff Freundlich & Dave Hilker. They’re expected to have Danny Torgerson of Captian Squeegee on horns, Percussions & Harmonies, while Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth is expected to make an appearance as well. They’re in pre-production on 27 songs and will narrow their album down to the top 10-12 songs for the final release.
Fayuca went on to tell The Pier that “We have never been as inspired as we are now… Fervor Records and Jim Wilcox have done a great job motivating us and pushing our creativity to extents we never imagined. This record will definitely be a refreshing addition to the modern reggae/rock/latin music scene!”. Fervor Records joined in on the excitement adding “We’ve been following Fayuca’s growth and success for years. The band rocks. It feels like all their experiences have led up to this point in time and their forthcoming record. All of us at Fervor couldn’t be happier to be a part of Fayuca’s story.”
Jeff Freundlich, Fervor Rec

Stranger is writing/recording a new record to be released later this Summer. The new sound is expected to be heavily influenced by the music Stranger grew up listending to lending the songs a very soulful & heartfelt vibe. It’s being recorded at Stranger Studios in Chula Vista, CA. There is expected to be some heavy hitting guest appearances to be named later. They band is also re-recording some of the older material they released earlier on as a group. Their earlier album Life Lessons” is being revitalized with a new song/attitude and wll be suitably titled Lesson Learned.

Zen Robbi
Zen Robbi has released their new album on January 3rd titled Lovely In The Middle: An Acoustic Collection”. It was produced by Mic Dangerously at Hollywood Stock Studios as well as Fork & Spoon Studios in Long Beach, CA. It includes guest appearances by Micah Brown on Slide Guitar/Dobro, Josh Fischel on Back Vocals as well as Todd Forman (Sublime with Rome).
There are 10 total tracks and here’s what the group had to say about their new acoustic themed release: ”We went about things a bit differently this time around. We wanted to see how much noise we could make in our home studios with a few acoustic guitars and a 2 piece drum set. So, we left out the amps and pedals, and gathered a bunch of old school recording gear and microphones so we could bring you a classic sounding acoustic soul record, guaranteed to put a big smile across your face. Here comes the change up!”
Zen Robbi
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Dub Rockers Compilation Album
Dub Rockers is a compilation album full of collaborations. From producers down to the artists. There will be 9-10 songs and Dubshot Records was quoted as saying ”This is a one of a kind compilation that blends the best from Jamaican reggae with the best from international reggae”. Producers include Miguel Happoldt (Sublime), Yeti Beats, Dub Matrix, Mannix, Prince Polo & more. Songs include guest spots by Slightly Stoopid, Capleton & Inner Circle, I Wayne & Rebelution, Eeka Mouse & The Expendables, The Aggrolites & Etana, The RBC/Prince Polo feat Augustus Pablo & Tommy McCook along with John Browns Body & Morgan Heritage. Fans can expect a spring time release and the artwork was designed by Justin Kennedy Grant. Everyone loves collaborations and this is a whole compilation of them!

Knock Out will be releasing a new EP this Spring to set up for a full length due out by the end of the year. There’s no EP title but the new songs are aimed towards the realities of life and overcoming the many obstacles of it. They’re recording out of Roshambo Studios in Irvine, CA working with producers Jim Perkins & Craigh Nepp (Save Ferris). The EP will have about 6 songs while the full length is expected to be about 12 tracks. Here’s what the fellas from Knock Out said about the new release:
”You can expect songs with a lot of heart and meaning in them that anyone can relate to at some point in their lives. As far as style mostly alot of sing along anthem type punk songs with a little bit of reggae for flavor.”

Ease Up
Ease Up has a 12-14 track studio album, yet to be titled, expected to be released this summer. They worked with producer Lew Richards over at 17th Street Studios in Costa Mesa, CA. This will be the groups first full length album and here’s what the Ease Up members had to say:
”We hope our fans are as excited as we are for our first full length album! The band has been putting a lot of work into the music and it is going to be great to finally get the music out to the listeners. We are in pre-production right now, and we are looking to start recording”

Clear Conscience
Clear Conscience, known for being heavy players in releasing albums full of collaborations, is set to release their next album in June, titled Native Jane. They plan on recording with Rick Vargas at TRI Studios (owned by Bob Weir/Grateful Dead) as well as with EN Young in San Diego. The album is expected to be 10-12 songs, but is only expected to have 1 guest appearance planned on the album with EN Young.
Here’s what Clear Conscience front man, Jeff McDermont told The Pier: “This album really goes back to our roots and if you vibed with our album “What’s Inside Counts” expect a vibe in that direction.”

Rootz Underground
Solomonic Sound & Rootz Underground have a new mix tape set to be released in early March titled Selectors Choice Vol. 4 (Gravity). It’s produced by Rob Paine out of Worship Records Studio in PA. Guest appearances include Capleton, Junior Vibes, Anthony Red Rose, Bounty Killa, Sizzla, Lexxus, Assassin, Busy Signal, Keida, Mr. Vegas, Pat Kelly & More. There’ll be some 52 tracks ranging from 90s dancehall, roots reggae, dubstep & hip hop all recorded in dub plate style specifically for the project and mixed into a DJ set but also given as single tracks.
Rootz Underground told The Pier ”We’re taking a journey with music from vintage all the way through to modern in a way that will make you shake your head at the originality and rock with the vibes.”Rootz Underground

RAC is currently scratch tracking new songs for a full length album that they plan on dropping sometime this Fall or Winter. As they continue pre-production, they’re looking at all options for producers/studios, but plan on tracking 30 songs before narrowing it down to take into a studio. They are expected to have some guest appearances, and when the music is all recorded, they’ll have an official title before having their friend Baily Flynn go crazy for the cover art.
RAC told The Pier ”This album will have a good mix of Lost in Paradise and In-Hab-I-Tants with a more mature sound. All of us here are pretty pumped due to the fans reaction on all the new songs we have played. Expect a mix of reggae, punk, surf, and roots with a different twist this time around.”RAC

Philie Ano
PhilieAno has a new 13 track album debuting January 10th. It has 13 tracks, and will be titled Philieano vs LD onthecut. It was produced by LD and features guest appearances from Opie Ortiz (LBDAS), Medusa, I-Man (Capitol Eye), Paulie Nugent & Scott Edge, LMNO and Mike Long (Capitol Eye) on Bass. Expect a hip hop jammer of an album with a healthy line up of Long Beach guest appearances. The artwork was also done by Opie Ortiz, brother to PhilieAno

Top Shelf
Top Shelf will be releasing a 5 song EP in late March or early April, titled “Top Shelf for President.” They’ll be working out of Trillium Studios in Sebastopol, CA & Russian River Records in Ukiah, CA. Guests include Steve Culuture & Jay from the band Paua.
Here’s more of what the group had to say in regards to their new EP:
”With our next project we are looking forward to bringing it back to our roots, while continuing to break boundaries within the Reggae Rock Scene, our tracks will be heavy bass driven rhythms with group vocal harmonies that will make you wanna put your windows down and your system up. Get ready!”Top Shelf

Tommy Dubs
Tommy Dubs has a 10 song March release titled Piracy Meets Tommy Dubs: Kick Rocks. It was self produced at Tommy’s home studio and features vocals by Piracey and Aleko from Go Lem System. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from this album, straight from Tommy Dubs:
”The Piracy meets Tommy Dubs project is a mix of Dancehall, Hip Hop & Dub influenced urban sounds. Tight production keeps the bass bins boomin and Piracy brings her original flow creating a truly unique sound unlike anything being produced on the scene. Kick Rocks will be released as a mixtape for FREE download prior to the release of the full length album on iTunes in March.”Tommy Dubs

Prince Polo
Producer Prince Polo has been working out of The Kennel Studio in Brooklyn, NY working with producer Clive Chin on his next album titled “Prince Polo Rub & Dub”. It’ll be a Spring time release and Polo advised that there would be vocal dub versions of each track. Some new vocalists will be featured as well as some classic artists. Expect about 18-20 songs with a dub version to accompany the lyric version of each track.

Josh Heinrichs & SkillinJah
Josh Heinrichs & SkillinJah each have an album set for 2012. Josh will release his 5th Full length solo album in April/May while SkillinJah has plans to release his 2nd album titled Reality on January 22nd. Both releases will be under GanJah Records. SkillinJah’s release will contain 10-13 tracks with a full live backing band vs his more acoustic friendly debut album Emergency Spliff.

Jet West
Jet West will be releasing their sophomore album sometime this Summer. It’ll be put out on the groups independent label, Hidden Reef Records. No other details were given as to which producer or studio they’ll be working out of or if there will be any guest appearances, but the overall theme of the release was described by the group as ”Warm Weather, Surfing & Chasing Girls” and the same could ring true for the cover art as well. Feel free to download FREE music from Jet West’s first album in our MP3 Massive section.

Rootdown & Paul Wright
Rootdown & Rootdown’s frontman Paul Wright will be releasing albums in 2012. Rootdown is aiming for a Fall release that’s expected to have more reggae & elements of Hip Hop/Rock with catchy hooks. More so then their Tidal Wave release. Paul Wright will be shooting to release an 8 track solo album this Summer with Grammy Award Winning Producer Chris Stevens (Carrie Underwood). Paul’s been working out of FabMUSIC in Nashville, TN as well as South Shore in Honolulu, HI. Paul told us the vibe for his solo record will be similar to an acoustic jam session at the beach; mellow and organic.

Jon Wayne & The Pain
Sprouting from the Midwest is Jon Wayne and The Pain. In 2012, Jon Wayne and the Pain are working alongside of Lewis Richards in the famed 17th street Studio in Costa Mesa, CA. Expect some new music from Jon Wayne in the Fall of 2012.