Katchafire’s Exclusive Interview…

Check out our Exclusive Interview as Katchafire discusses their next album, signing with VP Records, and their desire to collaborate with Gentleman & Gappy Ranks. Read up as Katchafire’s front man opens up to our very own Kit Chalberg…

The Expendables Upcoming Interview!

Under the blazing California sunshine, Santa Cruz locals The Expendables, have something cookin’ in that warehouse of theirs! After the addition of a new studio warehouse for

Interview: Katchafire

The Pier sat down with Katchafire lead-singer Logan Bell during the band’s stop at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, CO. In customary Maori fashion, Bell and the rest of Katchafire welcomed The Pier with open arms into the green room. Bell’s warm personality and infectious smile, along with his narrative, storytelling-style of conversation made for [...]

Aggrolites’ 2nd Leg of Spring Tour

The Aggrolites are about to go out on the second leg of their nationwide tour this spring. The 23 stops will cover ground from coast to coast. This leg of the tour kicks off at

Updated Album Reviews

Jahroots and Mickey Avalon both have new albums dropping in the next week. The Pier was given both albums in advance to review & our very own Ashley Allred & Mike Patti have provided the album review and star rating for each new release. Lets check it out…

Review: Mickey Avalon – Loaded

Mickey Avalon - Loaded Track Listing: 1.) Rock Bottom 2.) Girlfriend 3.) On The... 4.) Dance (Feat Cisco Adler) 5.) More Junk 6.) Drugs 7.) CA Crack Cocaine (Feat. Cisco Adler) 8.) Mr. Brownstone 9.) Electric Gigolo 10.) Funeral (Feat. Andre Legacy) 11.) Mickeys Girl 12.) Making Love 13.) Take Me Home 14.) Baby Doll [...]

Review: Jahroots – Support This EP

Jahroots - Support This EP Track Listing: 1.) Lady (feat. Shawn Eckels & Nick Fury) 2.) Move (Feat Shawn Eckles) 3.) On The Rise (Feat. Nick Fury) 4.) Skyline 5.) Support This 6.) Truth Be Told The Pier Album Rating: Release Date: April 20th, 2012 Official Website: Jahroots Website Group Background: Since their debut release [...]