Rebelutions’ Summer Tour with O.A.R.!

Usually the music festivals are the talk of the summer. This summer does have plenty of amazing festivals, but the big summer tours seem to be a welcomed addition to everyone’s summer jam plans. Rebelution has already announced their Summer Crush Tour

The Japan Sampler Release Date

Last week we unveiled that JAPAN would be the location for our next FREE Regional Sampler. Working together with Japan Labels, Surfrock International and One Big Family Records, we’re excited to finally announce the release date & time frame for the next Regional sampler…

Video: 10FT Ganja Plant – One Inch Punch

Here’s the official music video to 10Ft Ganja Plant’s new song One Inch Punch off their latest album 10 Deadly Shots Vol. II. The album was released on 4/20 and you can read our official album review for the new release by clicking HERE. The song & album includes a special guest from The Aggrolites, […]

The Expendables Exclusive Interview…

Check out our Exclusive Interview as The Expendables discuss the acoustic releasing of Gone Soft, touring with Unwritten Law & Josh Fischel. releasing music with Stoopid Records & more. Read up as The Expendable’s front man opens up to our very own Alyssa Torres…

Interview: The Expendables

With the upcoming album drop of Gone Soft, an acoustic release of their fan and band favorites, The Expendables are exploring more styles of music than ever! The punk, metal, reggae band that have always been equated with electric guitars and ragin’ mosh pits, are trying new infusions of sound to incorporate into their music. [...]

Behind The Beat: Passafire, A Fans Band

Why do some bands go the extra mile to engage their fans? Why do some bands head to the merch booth, while others head to the green room or tour bus after their live set? As fans why do we expect the members of our favorite bands to be any different than us? While the [...]

Updated Album Reviews

On the unofficial 4/20 holiday, both Spred The Dub and 10Ft Ganja Plant put out new albums that The Pier was able to review. Come check out the album review & star rating for each new release…

Review: 10Ft Ganja Plant – 10 Deadly Shots Vol. II

10Ft Ganja Plant - 10 Deadly Shots Vol. II Track Listing: 1.) Rooftop Duel 2.) The Challenge 3.) Asking Hand 4.) Invincible Butcher 5.) Fist of Yuen Kay-San 6.) Death Waiver 7.) Funeral of the Master 8.) Red Boat Opera 9.) One Inch Punch 10.) Return of the Prodigal Son The Pier Album Rating: Release [...]