2015 Most Anticipated Albums

2015 Most Anticipated Albums


Welcome to The Pier’s 2015 Most Anticipated Albums!

2015 is finally here and we’re ready to start shaping the year with new albums from some of our favorite artists. We did our best to find out which artists & bands are putting out new albums as we compiled a good list of groups who we know & anticipate are putting out new music in 2015. Keep in mind that each group is at a different stage towards completing their new album. The bands we were able to gather the most information from were groups who have closer release dates. Other groups are in the early stages of writing their next release and they’re not as able to offer as much details beyond a projected release date.
There are some notable groups that aren’t mentioned below & we’ll speak to a few of them. Starting with Ballyhoo!; they do plan on releasing a new album in 2015 if they can set time aside to get into the studio. This would be their first album with new bassist Nick Lucera. If they do release a new album, it would ideally be released around late summer or fall. They also plan to grow their label, Right Coast Records, as they’re discussing a couple more albums by new artists they’d like to release this year as well.

Down in Hawaii, Anuhea plans on releasing a new album and has a Kickstarter campaign to help fund it. She’s taking January, February & parts of March off to write and record. Their camp expressed hope to release a pre-Summer single this Spring followed by an EP and then an Album of all new material. While out in Florida, The Supervillains won’t be releasing an album, but an EP in time for their tour to California in May ahead of the Cali-Roots festival. The EP will be 5-7 songs and produced by none other than Miguel Happoldt.

Lastly, Collie Buddz informed us it was way too early to tell what their plans for a new album will be in 2015 and that same story rang true for Passafire. There are no current plans for The Green, but that could always change as the year goes on and unfortunately there was no word from J Boog on plans for a 2015 album. We have heard that hip-hop legends, Cypress Hill have plans for a 2015 album release – Stay tuned for more updates on that one.

Regardless of who or what you do or don’t see listed in this article below, The Pier will always bring you the most up to date information on any new releases, as soon as they’re made available to us. For now, absorb all the new info on new albums planned for 2015! Enjoy…

-The Pier Fam!

2015 Most Anticipated Albums…

Slightly Stoopid : Website
SlightlyStoopid Slightly Stoopid hasn’t released an album since 2013’s Top of the World. Anytime Slightly Stoopid releases a new album, it’s full of guest appearances and collaborations. When we contacted Slightly Stoopid’s management, they couldn’t confirm an approximate release date for 2015. Trolling their social media, I found the group has been in the studio working on music, but it’s hard to name a time the group isn’t recording while not touring. They have been seen inside the studio with Angela Hunte, who was featured on Top of the World with the song “Mona June”. Stoopid has also spent time recently working with Sublime’s Marshall Goodman, aka Ras MG. Our bet is that Stoopid has plans for a release in 2015, but it may be too early to spill the details, even for them. These guys work and collaborate a lot and until we see an official announcement, any collaborations we seen happening via social media, doesn’t mean it’ll make their next album. For a group who has been at the forefront of the evolving Reggae-Rock genre, its no mystery as to why Slightly Stoopid is at the top of our Most Anticipated Albums list with a new release that us fans can’t wait to start talking about.

Stephen Marley : Website
Stephen We’ve been talking about this one for a couple years and unfortunately, there is still no update from their camp about a concrete release of Stephen Marley’s Revelation Part 2: The Fruit of Life. Stephen has already released two singles with “Bongo Nyah” featuring Spragga Benz and Damian Marley as well as “You & Me Attract” featuring Busy Signal. Revelation Part 2: The Fruit of Life is the follow up album to his latest release Revelation Pt 1: The Root of Life that was released back on May 24th 2011 and received a Grammy Award in early 2012. Revelation Part 2 has been on our Most Anticipated list since 2012 and we hope that we’ll finally see its release in 2015. Here’s what Stephen Marley told us a couple years ago with regards to what we could expect from Revelation Part 2: The Fruit of Life: “Reggae music has influenced hip hop and so many other kinds of music. THE FRUIT OF LIFE will be more open, eclectic kind of record. There will be songs for the club, dancehall reggae will be there, love songs in there, but it will remain conscious good music that you can always take something positive from.”

The Expendables : Website
the-expendables-4523January 13th marks the date for the release of The Expendables next studio album, Sand In The Sky. The album includes 12 songs with guest appearance by Ed Hernandez and Keith Douglas of The Mad Caddies as they provide horns on the song “Anti Social.” The album was recorded at JingleTown Recording in Oakland, CA. It was produced by The Expendables and Gordon Brislawn who also co-produced their Gettin’ Filthy album. In addition, the album was mixed by Paul Leary. According to the band, the focused tracks off the new album will be “Starry Night,” “Music Move Me” and “We Are The Fire.” Back in December, the band released a music video for the song “Music Move Me” that you can view by clicking HERE. For those that Pre-order the album before the January 13th release on iTunes will receive two new tracks instantly. Additional pre-order bundle packages are available by clicking HERE! Here’s what the group told The Pier: “We are beyond excited to finally release Sand In The Sky. We know our fans have been waiting for new music and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it! And this year’s Winter Blackout Tour is going to be insane. We’re stoked to come to your city and rock your faces off!”

Iration : Website
Iration2015 will include a new album from Iration and the first since the well-received 2013 release of Automatic. As of now, the band is in the early stages of writing & recording a new album, but have hopes of releasing a new single this spring. The new album will be at least 10 tracks and they already have four songs that have been recorded & mixed. Iration has been recording out of both Santa Barbara Sound Design and East West Studios in Hollywood, CA. The album is being produced by 2-Time Grammy Nominated songwriter & producer David Manzoor. AKA King David The Future, he’s also known for producing Lupe Fiasco, Snoop Dogg, Jah Cure & R. Kelley. Additional production on the album as well as engineering by Will Brierre (Imagine Dragons, The Sounds, Chris Isaak). Lastly, the album will be mixed by multi-Grammy nominated Mark Needham (Chris Isaak, Dolly Parton, Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, Imagine Dragons). Here’s what bassist Adam Taylor told The Pier with regards to the upcoming 2015 release: “I think our core fans are going to be really happy with the direction we are going with this record. We are focusing on the production in order to make these songs really drive and hit hard. (Vocalist/Guitarist) Micah Pueschel’s songwriting is especially strong right now, coupled with the addition of Micah Brown’s harmonies and guitar, I believe we have a recipe for a great album.”
Katchafire : Website
kit-chalberg-katchafire-the-pier-25831Yes, it is confirmed that Katchafire plans on showering us with new music in 2015. The plan as of now is for the group to release singles as they “will sprinkle out each season, and a full album to follow on the shelves by mid-year is the plan.” Mid-year can be considered anywhere from May-August, so our guess is we could be seeing a new summer release from the New Zealand reggae outfit. No title on the 12 track release as they’ll look at some of the stand-out tracks once the album is completed. There are a number of collaborations that are currently in process right now with Rebelution, Dub Inc., and a track with Nattali Rize from Blue King Brown on a song called “One Sign.” They also intend on collaborating with artists from South America, London & Africa! Katchafire is expected to release their collaboration with Rebelution, sometime in January. The album is being recorded in New Zealand, Kingston, Jamaica with production by Aotearoa and an “International A-Team”. Here’s what the group told The Pier about the upcoming new release: “This Next collection of original music is taking its time to come together. It will be something to behold – to sway and dance, to carry special memories and hold vibes. We hope it will become a part of your new favorite collection and burn on your playlists.”

Rootz Underground : Website
return-of-the-righteous-7 We reported on this album by Rootz Underground last year. When we followed up on the release, we didn’t receive a response, but the last we heard they were shopping the album to a label in an effort to maximize it’s awareness & distribution. Last year, we discussed that Rootz Underground has plans to release their next album titled, Return of the Righteous Vol 1. Recorded at Rory Stonelove’s studio in uptown Kingston, Jamaica, Rootz Underground’s 3rd studio album will feature production by Dean Fraser and include the recently released single “Kingston Town” ft. Toots & The Maytals. The tracks “Love Line” and “Fret Not Thyself” heard live on several Youtube videos, as well as the single “Rootz & Culture” that was released back in July 2013. When an album has been shelved this long, things could change in the way of it’s track-listing, but regardless, this album will remain at the top of our Most Anticipated list until we see its over-due release!

Pepper : Website
PepperAccording to Pepper, Pepper got back to feeling more like themselves as Pepper while writing & then releasing their last studio record, their self-titled release back in November 2013. While it received mixed review’s from Pepper’s Reggae-Rock fan base, it was an evolving step forward for a group that continues to explore their identity as veterans of the industry. With that in mind, they do have plans for a new album in 2015. Summer 2015 to be approximate and the group is currently writing new material for that hopeful summer 2015 release. Not many other details at the moment, but to hear they’re currently writing with plans for a 2015 release, leaves us feeling highly anticipating more details.

John Brown’s Body : Website
JBBOn April 16th, 2013, John Brown’s Body released Kings and Queens, a 12 track album via Easy Star Records that was met with very high praise. Now, in 2015, JBB has plans to release ‘Kings And Queens In Dub’ and we’re looking at a late winter, early spring release via Easy Star Records. The album is still in flux as the group has dub versions of every song from Kings And Queens, from a variety of producers from both inside the group & out. The group does have two new original studio tracks by the bands guitarist Jay Spaker and they’re still debating if they want to include those 2 new songs on this new Dub album or release them on their own a bit later in the year. The line-up of Dub Producers for Kings And Queens In Dub’ include Dubmatix, Dub Fader (of 10 Ft. Ganja Plant), Ticklah, Dennis Bovell (UK Dub Legend), Yesking (from the UK), Lord Echo (aka Mike Fabulous, guitarist of The Black Seeds), Michael Goldwasser (Easy Star All-Stars), former band member Nate ‘Silas’ Ricardson and Jay Spaker. The overall project was mainly overseen by JBB’s hornsman Drew Sayers, working with Easy Star’s Eric Smith & Lem Oppenheimer, with input from the rest of the band. Most of the tracks were dubbed over the past half year. Here’s what Drew Sayers had to say about the new album: “The band has long wanted to do a project like this – reinterpret an entire album into dub versions. Kings And Queens seemed like a perfect fit musically, and we were fortunate enough to get some of the most legendary and inspiring producers in the game to be involved. I think this album encapsulates who we are as a group: our foundation is firmly rooted in the classics and we sought inspiration from albums like Gregory Isaac’s ‘Slum In Dub’ and Aswad’s “New Chapter of Dub”. But we never look in only one direction and I think what you will hear in this album is a devotion to originality and independence.”

Stick Figure : Website
StickFigureIt’s been since the June 2012 release of Burial Ground that we’ve seen a new album by Stick Figure. It doesn’t get more anticipated than that, especially after a couple years of constant touring. Rest-assured, Stick Figure has confirmed a new album for 2015 with plans for a 12-14 track album set to drop in the summer-fall. No confirmed guest appearances, but we were told that we might see a few surprises. The album will be produced by front-man Scott Woodruff and we assume that because no other details were given, they’re still in the writing process for that later-in-the-year release. The good news is that a new album from Stick Figure is planned for later this year and as we get closer to later in the year, we’ll have more updates & details.

Fortunate Youth : Website
FY14Coming May 5th, 2015, Fortunate Youth will release what they currently intend on calling ‘Don’t Think Twice’ as their 3rd studio album. The album is set to include a total of 12-tracks and while there are guest appearances tentatively planned for the album, nothing has been set in stone. The 6-piece reggae group from South Bay-Hermosa Beach, CA will be in the studio from 1/5 – 1/13 and then again from 1/18-1/23. They’re producing the album themselves while tracking & recording out of 17th Street Recording Studio as well as cuttin’ up some things at Castaway Studios in Santa Barbara, CA. Lew Richards has been the engineer for the new album out of 17th and it looks like we’ll have more details on this new release following their upcoming sessions at the studio. It’s been since 2013 with It’s All Jam that we’ve seen a new studio album from Fortunate Youth, making this a highly anticipated new release for 2015!

Sublime With Rome : Website
SWRA lot has changed and transpired since Sublime With Rome announced their forming back in 2009. In 2011, they released ‘Yours Truly’ with Bud Gaugh on Drums, Eric Wilson on Bass and Rome Ramirez on Guitar & Vocals. Now in 2015, it’s planned that Sublime With Rome will release their second album, only it wont include Bud Gaugh on drums. This makes for an interestingly anticipated release as it will still include a legendary bassist and an artist who has grown as a recognized producer in Rome Ramirez. While the name of the band will continue to be a question of debate, seeing one last release under SWR should be interesting after 4 years. While much of the details around their release are To-Be-Determined, they are recording out of Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, Texas and aiming for a early summer album release. Rome is set to produce the album, but they’re not sure who will work alongside Rome on production. They did touch on writing this past December and will continue again in February. Our guess is we’ll have more information about this release come April – May.

The Black Seeds : Website
TheBlackSeedsSet for an approximate release of September 2015, The Black Seeds intend on dropping a new 11 track album. Not much else was released when asked about the forthcoming new release, other than it will be recorded at Surgery Studios and Bluebarn Studios. The Black Seed’s own Vocalist/Guitarist, Barnaby Weir, will be producing the album. Being that we’re 9 months away from it’s release, our guess is we’ll have more information about this highly anticipated new release come early summer. This will be their first full length album since 2012’s Dust & Dirt that came out via Easy Star Records.

New Kingston : Website
NewKingstonOn January 27th, New Kingston will release their second studio album, Kingston City, via Easy Star Records. Kingston City was mostly recorded at New Kingston’s home Kingston Studio as well as some instrumentation at Imperial Sounds, E.N Young’s recording studio. New Kingston produced most of the tracks on the album, but had one song produced by Sydney Mills of Steel Pulse a long with 2 tracks produced by Dub INC from France. The album was mixed by Ziggy Marley’s Grammy Award Winning engineer, Fabian Cooke. The record is 12 total tracks and features collaborations with Tribal Seeds, Kimie Miner, France’s Dub Inc., Sister Carol, The Wailing Souls, and the late, great father of dancehall, Sugar Minott. When The Pier asked New Kingston about the evolution of their sound from their last album, Kingston University, drummer Courtney Panton responded that the album is: “Way more alive, and way more raw. Kingston City is the voice of the youth dem.”

The Expanders : Website
ExpandersVoted Break-Out Artist of the Year via the 2014 Pier Awards, The Expanders are taking that momentum into 2015 with a new album titled ‘Hustling Culture’ & their first with label Easy Star Records! The album will include 12 total tracks and is set for an early 2015 release. The album was recorded at Killion Sound in North Hollywood, CA, the same studio where they recorded their first album. It was produced by the band themselves while being mixed at SunKing studios by Steve Kaye. When we asked further about the album or any stand out tracks, vocalist & guitarist Devin Morrison told The Pier: “We are still deciding what the first single will be. We all have a special affinity for the title track ‘Hustling Culture.’ We sort of see it as our anthem. It’s essentially an assertion to ourselves that we as a band will always strive to stay true to our version of roots music, in spite of inevitable pressures to change our style or our lyrical content.” Devin concluded by saying that: “I think a line from the title track sums up our feeling as well as any other words could: ‘One dollar gone but the next soon come, we never stop from hustling culture.'”

Perro Bravo : Website
PerroBravo On May 5th, 2015, Perro Bravo, which is Sublime’s Miguel Happoldt alongside Mike Long & Mudd Lowther will release their 3rd studio album titled ‘Compromised CA (There’s a Pussy Riot Goin’ On)’. The album will be be 10 total songs plus some extended dubs. It will include a few guest appearances and all of them keyboardists with The Aggrolites’ Roger Rivas, Ed Kampwrith and the Late & Great, Ikey Owens. There will be a music video for the song “No One is to Blame” featuring Ikey Owens coming from Raised Fist Propaganda in February. The album was recorded at the Compound and mixed by Long Beach producer Sean Parker. With regards to the album, here’s what Miguel had to say: “…More of the same I guess, but this time it’s mostly just Mike Long, Mudd & Me. Not a lot of other drummers like the last two.” What is telling is that they use 3 different keyboardists throughout the album. Perro Bravo is known for having no limits with their music that includes Punk, Ska and anything else you can combine that with. Their albums are always a mystery & adds to the anticipation of each release.

Inner Circle : Website
InnerCircleThe Bad Boys of Reggae, Inner Circle, have a new album planned for Spring Break, coming this March. The album will include 10 total tracks with guest appearances by Chronixx, Daniel Bambaata Marley, Jacob Miller and Don Corleon. The album doesn’t have a title just yet, but it’s being recorded out of Circle Village Studios in Miami, FL with production by Don Corleon and Supa Dups. A couple stand-out tracks that the group expressed to The Pier were “Tenement Yard” featuring Chronixx and “News Carrying Dread” featuring Jacob Miller. Here’s what Inner Circle’s own Roger Lewis told The Pier: “Tenement Yard will be the reggae song of the century! It was a monumental production right here in Miami. The great Gil Green and genius Damian Fyffe directed the video so you know it must be wicked.” Touter Harvey continued on by acknowledging that: “It was great working with Chronixx. He was easy to work with. Cool as a cucumber! This song is a link from vintage reggae music with vocals by Jacob Miller himself, to the voice of the new generation represented by Chronixx.”

E.N Young : Website
ENYoungOn January 20th, E.N Young will release his second studio album Live Love Stay Up via his own Roots Musician Records. The album includes 9 original songs split up over 27 total tracks. Each of the 9 songs will include an original, acoustic & dub version. Guest appearances throughout the album include Oooklah the Moc, Kali Navales and Father Psalms (“Live”), Maad T-Ray (Inspiration), Gonzo (“Never Leave our Side”) & Tribal Seeds (“Overpowering Blessed Love”). The album was produced by E.N Young himself out of his own Imperial Sound Recording Studio at the most Southwest Recording Studio in the U.S. located in Chula Vista, CA. When asked about any stand-out tracks on the album, E.N acknowledged “Never Leave Your Side” featuring Gonzo as well as a forthcoming music video for the song “Love Love Love.” Here’s what E.N Young had to say about his forthcoming new release: “I’m really excited about this new album ‘Live Love Stay Up’ because with the 3 versions including Dubs and Acoustic songs, its gonna show different sides of my evlovling art. Thanks to all you supporters & The Pier for continued love and unity.”

Simpkin Project : Website
SimpkinProjectSimpkin Project will release their fourth studio album tentatively titled “Beam of Light.” The new album will include 10 all new original Simpkin Project tracks. Fans can expect songs with “lots of energy, streamlined arrangements, big vocal harmonies, soulful melodies and conscious message.” The album is expected to be released before summer with a full nationwide tour to support its release. They collaborated with Lukes Morgan of Morgan Heritage who “helped bring this recording to the next level. His insights, knowledge and experience have been very helpful in shaping the tracks during this process.” More artist collaborations are in the works and will be announced soon. The album was recorded with their organ/keyboardist, Shawn Taylor at his private studio Hughes Drive Productions in Huntington Beach, CA. Mastering of the album will be done by multi-Grammy winning engineer, Reuben Cohen of Lurssen Mastering in Hollywood, CA. They have plans to release a single & video in the next few months and when we asked the group for more information about the release, Phil Simpkin describes that: “This album catches the true essence and spirit of what the band is today. It’s classic Simpkin, but at the same time something very new and fresh! As a band this is our most collaborative album to date; everybody writes, everybody contributes, everyone has grown so much as musicians and songwriters!”

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad : Website
GiantPandaRochester, NY’s big ol’ Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad will release Bright Days, an eight or nine track album set to drop late spring with the hopes for May. The album will include a guest feature by G. Love who will be contributing some Harp. Then there’s Eric Robertson who performs Mandolin on a few tracks while Milt Reder, the studio owner, plays guitar on ALL the tracks. These are “Major perks for a Panda Record” vocalist-bassist James Searl tells The Pier. The album was recorded at Rear Window Studio in Brookline, MA. After the band recorded their 2014 Pier Award Nominated album STEADY, Craig Welsch said “Ok, I’m pressing record on the tape machine. GO!” A day or two later and Bright Days was recorded. James Searl continued to tell us that new songs “War Machine” and “Humboldt County Gold” are 2 fantastic tunes that he’s excited about, among the others. This album is said to follow the January 2012 release of Country, a lyrically-driven roots Americana Album. Here’s what James Searl had to say when describing the mindset that perfectly accompanies this album: “You know those lucid moments that come at 5 AM when you have been up all night and the Christmas lights are on and it seems like you have all the time in the world to reflect on life and give thanks for the wonder that is existence? This album is that.”

Resinated : Website
micah_gnp_small_finalResinated, based out of St. Petersburg, FL will release their 2nd full length album, Smoke Signals via Ballyhoo!’s Right Coast Records. What makes this a highly anticipated album for us at The Pier is that it’s the first album to be released under Right Coast Records. Clearly, Ballyhoo!’s front-man Howi Spangler has seen enough in this group to invest in releasing their second album. Howi expressed his anticipation for the experience, saying he is: “Really excited about signing our first artist to our label. We’ve known Kenny and the boys for a couple years now and they’re hard workers.” The 12 track album was recorded at Sound Lounge Studio, working with Producer Greg Shields and Mike Stebe. The album’s artwork was illustrated by Nick Kubley, drummer of Passafire.

LAW : Website
FNBNew band out of Long Beach, CA is LAW, fronted by Guitarist/Vocalist, Jakob Nowell, son of the late & great Bradley Nowell of Sublime. In addition to Jakob, the band includes Dakota Etheridge on Bass/Vocals and Nick Aguilar on Drums. This will be the debut release by Law which makes this a highly anticipated new listen. The album is set to release sometime early this summer, complete with 9 total tracks. They’re tracking out of 17th St Recording Studio & Hollywoodstock Studios with production, engineering & mastering done by Mic Dangerously of Zen Robbi. When asked about what songs to look out for, LAW mentioned that “Psychology” and “Drown It” were two to remember and mentioned that we may see some artists from Silverback Music on the album! Dakota told The Pier: “We’re just trying to bring back that old school energy Sublime and all of the great 90’s bands had.” Producer Mic D., having worked with the band in the studio, shared that: “They’re really great guys with good hearts and a lot of drive. Nick is quite the exceptional drummer, especially for only being 17, and Dakota has been taking bass lessons with me for about a year and has come such a long way! As for Jake, what can I say? There were times were me and Jamin (of Thicker Than Thieves) were looking at each-other because Jake sounded a bit like his dad a few times during tracking and we were getting goosebumps! Definitely a very different band though, Jake has these Eastern scales he uses a lot, and it makes for new and uncharted territory for the punk/ska/reggae world.”

Cas Haley : Website
EvokeEmotion_Cas_HeaderCas Haley is in the early workings of a new album to be released via Easy Star Records, an album that could end up being split into 2 EPs with one focusing on the Reggae and the other on the Americana/Soul end. Hoping for a release as early as this Spring, early Summer. The working title for the album is More Music More Family with about 14 tracks cut at Steel Grass Farms in Kauai, HI working with Tubby Love, Will Lydgate, Ryan Eldridge and with 2 more special artists slated to make appearances. Cas & his family were living in Kauai for about a month, so the whole record was a family project. When asked about any stand-out tracks, Haley’s team told The Pier: “Songs like ‘Big Hope,’ ‘More Music, More Family,’ and ‘Hold On My Heart’ all have a very catchy early reggae sound, a bit reminiscent of mid period Jimmy Cliff at times.” Cas went on further to explain that: “It was a long year for me in 2014, going through some issues with my voice that forced me to cancel some tours and losing my father. The two things that have kept me going strong has been my family and my music. So 2015 is all about focusing on those two things for me, and this record really reflects this. Can’t wait to finish up the tracks and play some more shows this year, so everyone can hear it.”

Ethan Tucker : Website
EthanTuckerBased out of Olympia, WA comes singer/songwriter Ethan Tucker. He mixes a blend of Reggae, Soul, Folk and R&B. He has a new album dropping late winter – early spring on Stoopid Records. There’s expected to be a guest appearances by Michael Franti while the album was produced by Mario C. (Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson, Slightly Stoopid). When we previously interviewed Ethan, he explained that his new album has: “..the full band and its also got some really mellow acoustic stuff. It’s definitely got more going on then the first record. It’s not just me and the guitar, it’s other musicians.” Ethan continues on by saying: “I did some collaboration with Michael Franti, he helped me out and produced some of it. Most of it is just me really. I wrote the guitar and some of the piano parts. It’s really just my songs that I wrote and hiring really good musicians to come in and play their parts, too.” We’ve featured Ethan many times in the past and you can read about him in greater detail with links to FREE MP3’s inside our Artist Radar feature by clicking HERE. Stay tuned as we’ll have more information on this pending release, sooner, rather than later.

The B Foundation : Website
bFThe B Foundation has returned from a more than 2 year hiatus with plans to release a Live-Album from one of their past tours. The live record will be from a tour they did with Slightly Stoopid at a stop through the Knitting Factory in Spokane, WA. This live album is suppose to hold us longtime nostalgic B-Foundation fans over while they work on writing & recording new material. When talking with bassist Jason Moorehead, he explained that they have about 4-5 new songs they plan to debut in 2015. That will make it 5 years since we’ve heard any new B Foundation material, since their last single, the aptly titled “Take Some Time”.

Zen Robbi : Website
ZRLong Beach, CA’s own Zen Robbi is looking to drop their next album this May-June following their first single from the album set to be released in March. The album will be 10 tracks, titled Dead Man’s Hand, inspired by the poker hand that Wild Bill was holding when he was shot in the back – yet that same hand won the group’s own Timmy Too Tall a few grand and a car. The album is being recorded at 17th St. Recording Studio & Hollywoodstock Studio with production, mixing & mastering done by front-man Mic Dangerously. The album includes appearances by Dr. Todd Foreman on Saxophone, Cassandra Ward on vocals and Micah Brown on slide guitar. When asked about any songs off the new album, Mic explained that: “The first single ‘Lazy Boy”‘ is really a lot of fun. It is a high energy twangy funky rock tune that will be sure to have you tapping your foot with the anthem like chorus! There’s also an epic tale of pirates closing out the album. For that track, think Tenacious D meets Primus meets Dio!”. There will also be a remix of last summers’ fan favorite, “That’s My Jam (Get Up and Dance).”

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