Video: Slightly Stoopid – The Prophet

Courtesy of Jeff Pliskin of Raised Fist Propaganda, here is Slightly Stoopid‘s new music video for their new single “The Prophet”. The song is off the 6/30 release of their new album, Meanwhile… Back At The Lab. The original version of the song was recorded 20 years ago featuring Brad Nowell of Sublime on bass. […]

Behind The Beat: Mike Love; Sharing Aloha

Sharing Aloha with Mike Love If you need a guitar player, call Mike Love. If you want a singer, call Mike Love. If you desire backup vocals, brass, woodwind, piano, didgeridoo, a beat box, or dreadlocks filled with Hawaiian salt-water air and aloha, call Mike Love. Are you looking for music with something to say [...]

2015 Bay Area Vibez Festival

On July 1st, it was announced that the inaugural Bay Area Vibez music festival would break ground in Oakland, CA. Presented by Tourn Entertainment, the two-day, three-stage festival will feature over twenty-five of the top names in reggae, hip-hop and EDM.

Fat Wrecked for 25 Years!

All of the parents who threw out NOFX records, kept their kids from attending Lagwagon concerts, prevented youth from sporting Strung Out t-shirts or Good Riddance stickers, and asked, “what the fuck is he saying?” after hearing Propagandhi are scratching their heads in sheer disbelief. For 25 years Fat Wreck Chords has stayed true to […]

MP3 Leak of the Week: Taco & Da Mofos

This week’s MP3 Leak of the Week is from a 5 piece Rock-Reggae-Bump group out of Memphis, TN known as Taco & Da Mofos. We’ve never featured the group on The Pier before and we’ll be giving away their new single featuring Howi Spangerl of Ballyhoo! from their upcoming July 31st release of Nocturnal Gold!

Video: Marty Ray Project – Ice Ice Baby (Cover)

This is a pretty great cover and you have to give respect anytime someone can cover a song and make you forget about the original. This is the Marty Ray Project doing a live acoustic cover of Vanilla Ice’s hit single from 1990 with “Ice Ice Baby”. You can follow Marty Ray on his Youtube […]

Aer’s New Album ‘One of a Kind’

Aer, the musically eclectic duo from Wayland Massachusetts, are close to releasing their newest album entitled One of a Kind. Set for release on August 14th, One of a Kind is the fourth full-length album from the group led by David von Mering and Carter Schultz, and they’ve just premiered the music video for the […]

Melody Jay’s Pineapple Express

All aboard the Pineapple Express! Our friend Melody Jay from O’ahu’s Island 98.5 is traversing the Pacific Ocean to bring some ALOHA to the West Coast. She will be performing in Portland, Seattle, and Los Angeles to promote her new Pineapple Express Mixtape featuring well over 20 Hawaiian and reggae artists.