2016 Most Anticipated Albums: Coming 12/30/15

2016 Most Anticipated Albums: Coming 12/30/15

On Wed., Dec. 30th 2015, we will publish The Pier’s 2016 Most Anticipated Albums. This is the time of year we get to anticipate and discuss upcoming albums from some of our favorite bands in Reggae-Rock. We’re compiling all of the information from the bands about their new releases for one big convenient read…
When we say Albums, we don’t mean EP’s or singles. We’re talking about your good ol’ fashion full length album. EP’s are cool, but we’re not exactly Anticipating a 4 track release from a band so much as we are a full length album of 10 or more songs. And yes, we’re just as confused as you when a band releases 8 or 9 songs – Do you call that an EP or an album? What is the threshold for what you call an EP vs an album? Anyway…

Some notable and regular artists that did-not release a full length album in 2015 are: Stephen Marley, 311, SOJA, Dirty Heads, Pepper, J Boog, Passafire, The Green, Ballyhoo!, The Aggrolites, Easy Star All-Stars and that’s just scratching the surface to what could be in store for us in 2016! We’re also excited about the return of Tomorrows Bad Seeds and The B Foundation who are rumored for new full lengths.

Some of the best tours and live experiences are around the theme of a new album with artists promoting and performing fresh new material. With some of our favorite bands expected to release new albums, its almost a certainty we will see high energy tours accompany these albums.

On Wednesday, Dec. 30th, 2015, we will discuss the aforementioned artists, and many more who are expected to put out new albums in the new year. While some of the information we’ve received is quite detailed and exciting, a lot of it can’t be shared in too much detail as the other bands are still in the planning stages for a new record. What makes it so exciting is that the genre is known for it’s guest appearances and collaborations. It’s always exciting to anticipate new collaborations and seeing where this evolving genre is taking us.

Let us know which band you’re hoping drops a new album in the comments below and stay tuned for The 2015 Pier Awards beginning on 1/15/2016.

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