Third World Releases New Single Ahead of Full-Length Album

On July 28th, 2017, the iconic reggae group Third World dropped their new single titled “Eyes Are Up On You.” The single is our first taste of Third World’s upcoming full-length album, which was produced by Damian Marley. That album will also be released on Ghetto Youths International, the label run by Damian, Stephen, and Julian Marley.

Review: Upfull Rising – Edgewood

Upfull Rising - Edgewood Track Listing: 1.) Intro 2.) Rhythm 3.) Vibration 4.) Steppin’ Stone 5.) As One 6.) Gopherhole 7.) Rootsman 8.) Freedom Fighter 9.) Blast 10.) Bloodsucka’ 11.) Dread 12.) Lighthouse 13.) Humble Them 14.) Love & Faith 15.) Trickery 16.) Outro The Pier Album Rating: Release Date: July 31st, 2017 Official Website: [...]

Review: 311 – MOSAIC

311 - Mosaic Track Listing: 1.) Too Much To Think   2.) Wildfire 3.) The Night Is Young  4.) Island Sun 5.) Perfect Mistake 6.) Extension 7.) Inside Our Home 8.) 'Til the City's On Fire 9.) Too Late 10.) Hey Yo  11.) Places That the Mind Goes 12.) Face in the Wind  13.) Forever [...]

Review: Dispatch – America, Location 12

Dispatch - America, Location 12 Track Listing: 1.) Be Gone 2.) Only the Wild Ones 3.) Curse + Crush 4.) Painted Yellow Lines 5.) Skin The Rabbit 6.) Midnight Lorry 7.) Begin Again 8.) Rice Water 9.) Windylike 10.) Ghost Town 11.) Atticus Cobain The Pier Album Rating: Release Date: June 2nd, 2017 Record Label: [...]

MP3 Leak of the Week: Tubby Love

3 years went into the making of Tubby Love’s new album Waves that finally dropped on July 17th. The album was co-produced by The Matt Scientist, along with Tubby Love, and we’re featuring the track “The Garden” as Tubby shares some depth that went into the making of the song…

Interview: David Foral of Dirty Heads

David Foral is a Long Beach, CA resident who has called Dirty Heads his employer since 2009 when he was brought on to play bass. His history goes far beyond his joining the band as Dave grew up going to school in the '90's during the height of the respected southern CA Hip-Hop and Ska [...]

Video: Sublime – Doin Time

Sublime’s self-titled record is officially 21-years-old. It’s quite amazing to see how the legacy of Sublime continues to grow as it matures becoming a household brand. Sublime has re-released its entire catalog onto vinyl, has merchandise inside Spencers, Wal*mart, KMart, and as of this month will be debuting their presence inside liquor stores nationwide with […]

The Ellameno Beat Prepare to Release Debut Album ‘Surface’

The Ellameno Beat, a 5-piece out of Jensen Beach, FL, are set to drop their debut full-length, Surface. The 10-track album releases everywhere beginning August 11th, 2017. The group fully embraced the DIY approach for Surface, recording, producing, and releasing their debut album completely independently.