311 Adds The Green To Summer Tour

311 Adds The Green To Summer Tour

311 is one of the longest running alt-rock bands touring today. Recently the band announced they will celebrate their 25th year with the several digital and vinyl re-releases, a special box set of rare and unreleased material, their own craft beer in partnership with the Rock Brothers and Tampa’s Cigar City, and a summer tour. Now the band has announced that accompanying them on their 2015 summer tour will be The Green.

After a handful of one-offs and fly-dates through out the spring and early summer, this July 311 has plans for their annual summer tour. Typically playing bigger amphitheaters over summer, on this trip the band has booked many of these larger venues, and for lucky fans in several cities, 311 has bookings at several smaller theaters as well. This year the run will span from July 2nd to August 2nd with 27 shows that will take the group from coast to coast.

The start of their summer tour will begin in Las Vegas, NV for a special 2 night-stand at the Mandalay Bay Beach over 4th of July weekend! 311 will play their self-titled blue album on July 4th with fireworks on both nights! From Vegas 311 heads east, and while there is still a few details about these shows yet to be announced, supporting 311 on 12 of their 27 shows this summer will be Hawaii’s smooth reggae outfit, The Green. Over the years 311 has built a reputation for always bringing excellent talent along with them on their tour, and this summer its The Green’s turn to take the trip. Also traveling with 311 this past February on the 311 Caribbean Cruise, The Green has learned how to play a 311 party. Known for their musicality and modern mix of reggae, their sound is sure make every fan on tour feel like they’re on an island.

A shorter summer tour than in the past, the group is making their rounds quickly in order to head back into the studio for their 12th studio album and follow up to 2014’s Sterolithic. Working again with Producer Scotch Ralston, the band’s volcaist/guitarist, Nick Hexem, explained to New Times when I first got into the writing mode [for the new record] I really wanted to have more reggae songs. Our last album had a lot of great rock on there and some kind of weird unclassifiable stuff, and I kind of felt like the reggae side that we love to play live was kind of underrepresented. So I was really focusing on that. Now I have a bunch of those songs and I’m kind of going back into some weird innovative rock that combines electronic styles with rock.

Hexum later went on to tell the blog Music Existence, I would like to see more ballads with clean and distortion guitars. I love the rockers, playing live. It’s interesting, if you look at iTunes, you’ll see certain songs that maybe aren’t as great live but they are better to listen to on an album. We just want a nice balanced approach, but I feel like I’ve written some good, chill songs. Right now I’m working on what might be one of the hardest, craziest song that I’ve written in a long time, continuing, I actually have a co-writing session with Chad (Sexton) tomorrow and we are going to get in there and work on some slamming stuff. We will be working before and definitely right after the summer tour. We’ll just get in there and really crank it out.

Look out for more details on the new record this fall, and be sure to check back for details on 311’s new projects including information on the release events for their upcoming amber ale, as well as news on other 311 themed life-style products.

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

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