Fayuca’s ‘La Musica Unites” Summer Tour

Fayuca’s ‘La Musica Unites” Summer Tour

Out of west Phoenix, AZ, 4-piece Latin reggae group, Fayuca, will kick off their twenty city summer tour with SoCal’s True Press and Ease Up on June 10th for what they’re calling the La Musica Unites summer tour.

While none of the 3 bands on this tour command a headlining spot on most major festivals and while their names may not be as common as the SOJA’s and Rebelutions of the reggae-rock genre, each of the three groups command a presence all their own, making this an interesting tour of live music.
Fayuca Summer Tour
The twenty city tour will span across 7 states, all on the west coast, with California, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Arizona. “We handpicked the venues we wanted to play on this run and we’re excited to get back to the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA!” explains Fayuca’s guitarist/vocalist Gabo Fayuca.

Fayuca has been playing all around the nation the last 10 years with their own hybrid of Latin Reggae-Rock. They just recently recorded a live album that they plan to release here soon. “We recorded the album in our home town of Phoenix, AZ on April 9th at Last Exit Live! We have live versions to some of our songs that most people don’t get to hear unless they make it out to a show. We felt it was necessary for us to capture that energy and creativity and package it for everyone to enjoy!”

The live release will be a series of EPs & bonus tracks titled Fayuca All Access: Live In Phoenix totaling 10-12 songs. “Some of our older songs, such as ‘No Tiene Nada’, are remade into reggae-latino jams featuring trumpets, percussion and special guest appearances from Danny Torgerson of Captain Squeegee and Billy Keys on key boards.”

As for the tour, there will be some new material played as Gabo explains that: “we’ll be unveiling and testing out some new songs before getting back in the studio this summer to begin preproduction.” In addition, fans will hear some authentic Latin cover songs done reggae-rock, such as their cover of “Negra Tomasa” by Los Caifanes. “It has a danceable, cumbia-reggae approach just before our drummer (Raf) breaks into a pretty captivating solo. The song is tastefully sprinkled with horn licks and Latin percussion.”

Ease Up, also a 4-piece, but from Los Angeles, CA play more of a blend of Ska-Reggae-Rock and only released their debut album last year. True Press is another 4 piece, also from Los Angeles who also released their debut full length album last year with Anything Is Possible.

When I asked Gabo if any collaborations where to be expected, he acknowledged that: “We’re fans of both bands and their talents… Although we haven’t planned a collaboration, it’s safe to say it’s inevitable!”

Discover new music by checking out each groups website below and catch these three on tour if you’re in the area of any of the 7 west coast states or 20 cities they’ll be visiting!

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Article By: Mike Patti

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