311 Featured on The Eric Andre Show & HBO’s Animals

311 Featured on The Eric Andre Show & HBO’s Animals

It’s been a busy few months with exciting happenings coming from the 311 camp! In addition to their highly anticipated 12th studio album Mosaic released June 23, the Omaha-based quintet recently had the opportunity to be featured on a couple of prime-time TV appearances including The Eric Andre Show and HBO’s Animals – read the full details and check out the clips!

If you haven’t had the chance to check out “The Eric Andre Show,” take the time and dive into some clips –- they can be found anywhere via Adult Swim. Eric Andre is a comedic mastermind, applying shock therapy with offensive humor and general hilariousness across various skits, in addition to mildly terrorizing his guests featured on each episode. The 15 minute show has been on Adult Swim since 2012 and can be described as a parody of epic proportions for late night TV talk shows. 311attackedHannibal Burress is featured as the guest host and sidekick for Eric Andre, and adds another layer of laughable moments throughout the duration of the show. Previous guests have included Seth Rogen, Jimmy Kimmel, Jack Black, Lauren Conrad and many more. A clip can be seen below of the general banter between Hannibal Burress and Eric Andre in which they hijack each others Tinder accounts -– be prepared to laugh!

In a recent exclusive interview with The Pier, Nick Hexum offered up some additional context behind how things came together for 311’s TV appearances:
“You know, I had some young journalist call me and say “As a millennial, the thing that me and my friends know of you guys is Eric Andre.” He’s very dialed-into that world of crazy, extremely on the edge of offensiveness, humor –- both ‘Animals’ and Eric Andre -– we had heard they kept making references to us in their show. And then we found out that they’d maybe grown up on us or were just big fans. So, it’s cool to have a generation doing a tip of the hat back to us for whatever we meant to them in the past, and then therefore kind of tipping their viewers to us. Both of those were fun – I don’t think we quite knew what we were signing up for with ‘The Eric Andre Show’ [laughs]. I mean, they said he’s going to harass you and stuff while you’re playing, but I left it with a good sense of humor, because we’ve always enjoyed shows like ‘Jackass’ and stuff where people are ready to endure pain and embarrassment in the spirit of humor.”

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Throughout the history of the show, Eric Andre has sprinkled in sporadic mentions of 311. From the classic “Investigate 311” interruption segment during Tyler The Creators appearance, the “311 was an inside job” movement or “I got burning man rehearsal at the Tosh.0 Amphitheater dude, starts in 311 MINUTES!” segment during the “Legalize Ranch” series among others, Eric Andre has made it well-known that he is a huge 311 fan. Further, he mentions that 311 is underrated and his favorite band in a recent interview with Pitchfork in their Over/Under series. He finally brought 311 on as the musical guest for the most recent season finale -– check out the clip below and see for yourself!
Animated Nick Hexum
HBO’s “Animals” also featured Nick Hexum and Doug “SA” Martinez in season two after also being featured in the first season. “Animals” is an animated comedy TV series created by Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano, and produced by Duplass Brothers Television — you might know Mark Duplass from his role in the glorious fantasy football TV series “The League” as Pete Eckhart and Jay Duplass from “Transparent.” Matarese and Luciano, focus on the lives of various animals creatures in New York City. The show was recently noted by Vulture as “the best TV comedy you are not watching,” and additional voice-overs have also featured Eric Andre, Aziz Ansari, Nick Kroll, Jonah Hill and countless others. Recently, this season featured Nick and SA on a clip in which they come to life through a poster to offer up life lessons and get serenaded by Matarese and Luciano’s rendition of “Life’s Not a Race.”

Momentum is soaring for the alternative-rock trail blazers and show no signs of slowing down after 27 years! If you haven’t grabbed a copy of Mosaic, make sure you grab yours today on iTunes by clicking HERE!


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Article By: Brian Glaser

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