311 Shares New Songs

311 Shares New Songs


311 is set to drop a new record this Tuesday, March 11. In the meantime, they have released two songs this past week with the third and seventh track off their 11th studio album, Stereolithic!

The band’s first record to be released under their own 311 Records, 311Stereolithic features 15 tracks produced by Scotch Ralston, the producer of iconic 311 records Transistor and Soundsystem. The release coincides with a celebratory concert appropriately set for 311 Day, March 11, 2014 (3/11/14).

The track “Make It Rough” is the third song to be released from the anticipated album. 311’s Nick Hexum describes the track as a “Reggae Rocker” and one of the more melodic songs of the track list. The song reminds listeners that people tend to make their lives harder, to go with the flow. Lyrically “try not to think too far ahead… the pendulum swings soon enough we could stay on this side instead… But we want to make it rough.”

Kicking off with distorted, heavier guitar riffs, “Showdown”, the second sampling from Stereolithic also flows with those melodic 311 vocals incorporating a bit of the syncopated skank and bass beat before cranking back up to the rocking choruses. It’s easy to hear that the song is about overcoming a struggle and facing adversity, starting out with, “So you been kicking in the shin… but get up and try again,” the chorus anthem ramps up “I felt that something gonna go down.. looks like we are heading for a showdown.” All leading to the notable SA hip-hop verse.

A track with a familiar 311 sound, “Five of Everything” is well balanced, but not over produced – the sound is full, with vocals sung on top of a heavier, yet crisp guitar rhythms, accompanied by a beefed-up & inconspicuous bass line. A song about distancing oneself from a past relationship, the track flows as both 311 vocalists, Nick Hexum and SA Martinez, seamlessly switch off harmonizing versus.

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

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