311’s New Single ‘Five of Everything’

311’s New Single ‘Five of Everything’

Last week, with just over a month till the release of their highly anticipated 11th studio album, Stereolithic, 311 has dropped the first single off the record, titled “Five of Everything.” 311 five of everything

311’s new single “Five of Everything” made its world-premiere last Tuesday, on the world-famous KROQ radio station during the 4:20 (PM PST) Feature with DJ Stryker! A move proving the band can still occupy the air waves of terrestrial radio, despite moving to an independent distribution model.

A day before the single debuted, 311 released a quote from Stereolithic producer Scotch Ralston describing the record, saying “the sounds have been beefy and crisp. Tastier than bacon with none of the downside!”

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A track with a familiar 311 sound, “Five of Everything” fits Ralston’s description exactly. It’s well balanced, but not over produced – the sound is full, with vocals sung on top of a heavier, yet crisp guitar rhythms, accompanied by a beefed-up & inconspicuous bass line. A song about distancing oneself from a past relationship, the track flows as both 311 vocalists, Nick Hexum and SA Martinez, seamlessly switch off with melodic versus. For the chorus, the two vocalists join together, beautifully harmonizing those parts, before SA adds in a verse of Hip-Hop vocals in the bridge.

Via the band’s own independent label, 311 Records, Stereolithic will be released March 11, better known as 3-11 Day!

Listen to 311’s “Five of Everything” below, and get the single download now by pre-ordering the album at: Pledge: (w/ prize drawing & special content), or at iTunes. For more information about 311, their music and tour dates, check out the details below.

The first single off 311’s upcoming record, Sterolithic, “Five of Everything.”

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Article By: Aaron Solomon