5 Gifts for the Stoner in Your Life this Holidaze

5 Gifts for the Stoner in Your Life this Holidaze

The Holidaze is upon us and Santa is rolling up that sticky this season. ThePier is here to help you Celebrate your favorite stoner with a few stoney gift ideas!

1. Elevated Stash Premium Smoker Box

Let the good times roll! Veteran-owned and operated, Elevated Stash sends smoker accessories to your door once a month or just one time!  Each box contains everything you need for that holiday session. Glass pipes, Rolling Papers, Grinders and a any other smoking accessories under the sun may pop out of these boxes. And best of all,  

A percentage of every box goes to charity to help veterans in need!

Celebrate your favorite stoner

2. Randy Lanier’s “Survival of the Fastest

Randy Lanier lived a life of Weed and Speed on and off the race track. You may have seen his story on Netflix “Bad Sport” where he was the focus of the Need for Weed episode. Randy’s book is “Equal parts true crime, business story and Shakespeare tragedy” Randy tells his story, from Indy 500 to serving 27 years of a life sentence. A great read and must have for any Cannabis advocate. Randy is now the Vice President of Freedom Grows Forever, a

Non Profit focused on helping inmates incarcerated for Marijuana charges commissary and wish list items for their loved ones.

Celebrate your favorite stoner this Holidaze

3. Peter Tosh “Legalize It” Vinyl

Peter Tosh Legalize It on vinyl a must have for any Stoney music lover. Without a doubt, Legalize It is one of the most classic reggae albums in history. The iconic album artwork is considered one of the greatest covers of any genre. The reggae icon stood up for what he believed and was unapologetic when speaking his truth. One of the great ambassadors of the herb and the writer of many of the most recognizable cannabis anthems.

Legalize It is just what that stoner in your life needs to catch a vibe.

Celebrate your favorite stoner this Holidaze

4. Rebel Hippies Merch

Our friends at Rebel Hippies have a little something for every stoner in your life. From Stoney t-shirts, to grinders, dab mats and more. You can also receive a Rebel Hippies Community card for free. The Community card grants discounts and exclusive merchandise and online content for life. If you have a Rebel Hippie in your life there is no better way to Break Rules and Spread Love!


Celebrate your favorite stoner with these 5 gifts!

5. A Cameo from Tommy Chong

What better way to celebrate your favorite stoner than a personalized message from one of the GOATs. Starting at just $150 you can have Tommy Chong send your loved one a video message, it really doesn’t get more Stoney for the Holidaze.

Celebrate your favorite stoner with these 5 gifts!