5 Things you didn’t know about The Kaleidoscope Kid

5 Things you didn’t know about The Kaleidoscope Kid

The Kaleidoscope Kid sat down to give us the inside scoop on 5 Things you didn’t know about TKK!

The Kaleidoscope Kid Announces New Album & Drops Video

5 Things you didn’t know about The Kaleidoscope Kid.

Recently announced his sophomore album “NothingFor Free” is on the way!
TKK  took time out from a busy tour schedule to sit dow with Scratch and Sniff to break down 5 things you didn’t now about him!

The Kaleidoscope Kid is a Phoenix, Arizona native that grew up on skateboarding, visual art, and outdoor escapism. The diversity of his activities and surroundings translated into a varied love for music. Bringing about a sonic landscape in his work that echoes his passions and interests.
Although a true newcomer to the music scene. Kaleidoscope’s discography leaps and bounds between spaces, leaning on his charisma to bring the listener along for the ride. A fan of an extensive catalog of inspirations that span from Beck, Pink Floyd, to Bob Marley and Sublime— his work is a reflection of intentionality and passion for the craft. Taking pieces of his life and translating them into his sound has helped Kaleidoscope create an ethereal world that’s equal parts relatable and entrancing.

Check it out below!