The Kaleidoscope Kid Announces New Album & Drops Video

The Kaleidoscope Kid Announces New Album & Drops Video

The Kaleidoscope Kid Announces New Album & Drops Video

Phoenix singer/songwriter/emcee, The Kaleidoscope Kid has announced the details for his sophomore album “Nothing For Free” and dropped his new video for “Bite The Bullet”.


The song perfectly blends together a potent mixture of scrappy 90’s style alt-rock, backpack hip-hop, and a little punk ferocity.
The song “Bite the Bullet” is about facing your fears and doing what it takes to make your dreams come true. I wrote the song as I was preparing to move from Phoenix to LA. I was having a lot of doubts in my mind about what would happen. The song was a reminder to myself that no matter what happened I would regret it even more if I didn’t take the chance. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet,” says The Kaleidoscope Kid.
The Kaleidoscope Kid Announces New Album & Drops Video

The Kaleidoscope Kid Announces New Album & Drops Video.
After dropping his stoney debut on the legendary California-based label in 2022, The Kaleidoscope Kid moved to Los Angeles and began demoing tracks for a new album. Written, recorded, and produced by The Kaleidoscope Kid with mixing and mastering by Matthew Campbell at Vaul Studios in Scottsdale, AZ. The end result is this crazy psychedelic reggae, gypsy, punk rock, hip-hop record.

“This album was written while moving from my hometown of Phoenix to the busy streets of Los Angeles California with starry eyes and a guitar slung over my shoulder.”

“I remember walking to a show in downtown LA and was struck by the polarization of poverty and wealth that co-existed in this strange land. Homeless people asking for money and food while tourists shuffled past them as if they were ghosts. All with a backdrop of Five-star hotels, luxury brand stores, skyscrapers and Teslas,” said The Kaleidoscope Kid remembering the inspiration for the album title. “The words ‘nothing for free’ echoed in my head as I thought about all the money and politics that infest the music industry. I had often been contemplating how and why as a culture we had found ourselves perpetuating the perversion of art for money. I couldn’t help but feel as though we had taken something so beautiful and corrupted it at its core all in the name of the all mighty dollar.”

For this record, The Kaleidoscope Kid is manifesting his artistic vision as he experiments with a range of sounds from blues-style guitar blended soulful vocals, hip-hop percussion, and elements of modern rock. A fan of an extensive catalog of inspirations that span from Beck, Pink Floyd, to Bob Marley and Sublime, “Nothing For Free” is a reflection of intentionality and passion for the craft.

The Kaleidoscope Kid‘s own story is just as crazy as the music he creates.

The Phoenix-based musician was Diagnosed with Reiter’s syndrome, a disease that ravages the entire body with crippling arthritis, and inflammation, causing blood blisters inside of his mouth and throat leaving him unable to eat or drink. Losing faith in traditional Western medicine and baffling doctors who gave countless misdiagnoses, The Kaleidoscope Kid turned to Eastern medicine and psychedelics while living off the grid in a Sedona cabin with his guitar and dog, Blue. Finding reprieve in music. He wrote songs and learned guitar while he focused on healing with reishi mushrooms, organic berries, and Sedona spring water. His holistic approach to recovery worked. He eventually started to experiment with hallucinogenic mushrooms sometimes tripping for weeks at a time.

Through this journey, he found his calling, music. He returned to Phoenix and lived in a recording studio where he recorded the first demos that eventually got him signed to indie powerhouse label Suburban Noize Records.

Kaleidoscope states, “Writing music for me is medicine, through my own growth, self-acceptance, and healing. I can learn to be there better for myself and others, and show up fully to life. There is magic to any creation but for me writing music has been a way to alchemize even the most difficult moments of my life and turn them into something beautiful.”

The Kaleidoscope Kid “Nothing For Free” Album Tracklist:

1 – Bite The Bullet
2 – Hollywood Funeral
3 – Moth To A Flame
4 – Shots Fired
5 – Death By Radio
6 – Nothing For Free
7 – Sling Shot
8 – Turbulent
9 – Say Goodbye feat. River Rios
10 – Settle Down feat. 
The Real Khiry
11 – Cut Me Loose
12 – Hailey’s Comet