77 Jefferson New Album & EP!

77 Jefferson New Album & EP!

Kansas City’s favorite reggae band 77 Jefferson is on the brink of releasing a full-length album in the early months of 2012 titled “Truth and Love”. However, the wait was too unforgiving for the five members and they are set to release a preemptive EP titled Keep On Moving on December 27th.

The EP presents a new single Keep On Moving along with an acoustic version, as well as a remix of their song titled In the Right Mood. The Band’s audio genius and drummer Miles Brown has not only supplemented the band’s own ability to record, mix, and master their past three albums, but he has also produced and engineered Josh Heinrich’s Josh Heinrichs and Friends album in 2010.

As for Truth and Love due out on February 28th, 77 Jefferson invited lead singer Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth, Ikena DuPont of Cease Fire, and Justin Howard of The Passtimes to make guest appearances throughout the album.

After concluding a slew of shows across spanning the Midwest, 77 Jefferson does not plan on remaining dormant in their hometown for long. Following Truth and Love’s release, they outlined a spring Midwest and West Coast tour with a number of groups such as good friend Josh Heinrichs and Fortunate Youth.

Here’s what Mike Dunn had to say about 77 Jefferson’s newest music:
“Fans can expect the “Keep On Movin’ EP” to reveal a raw, stripped down, rootsier 77 Jefferson. There are two equally tough versions of the uplifting title track, “Keep On Movin’.” The lyrics are positive and optimistic as always, and to shake things up and keep heads bobbin’, we have included a thumping Lovers Rock version of a previously released song, “In the Right Mood.” We wanted to put this EP out to offer a little taste of what our full-length album, “Truth and Love” is going to sound like.”

Article By: Matt Emodi

Here’s the official music video to the song These Days that features Josh Heinrichs