Pier Vol 1 Interview: The Supervillains

Pier Vol 1 Interview: The Supervillains

The Pier: So the song name Slosh, is this a someone or a something?

Dom (drums/vocals): Yes, Slosh is about a girl from St.Thomas. I feel bad explaining, she’s gonna kill me! After going to the islands so much, we acquired many great friends, one of whom is our friend Samantha. She is one of the coolest chicks we know down there. She usually gets stuck being our taxi, finding our party supplies (wonder what?) and generally keeping us safe and showing us a good time.

Anyhow, she starts off as Samantha and after about 10 shots of Jager, five fat spliffs and many more island activities she turns into a fishbowl eyed, never-ending chatterbox, punishing, slurring slosh. It’s pretty funny, she’s a straight up G though, and without her our trips to St Thomas would never have been as fruitful. Love ya Sam!

Slosh is a song that used to be called Melissa, but we changed the tempo and the words. This song was originally intended for “MASSIVE” but didn’t quite fit. I’ve been wondering how we would use it! This is the only way you can get it! We hope you enjoy.

The Pier: So as you beg in the song, did she ever get your free tattoos from Samantha?

Dom: Best part other than her love and friendship? That would be the fact that she owns a tattoo shop on the island. I have over 10 tattoos alone from her shop or from artists that have worked in her shop. Skart, Dan and Smally, as well as Emo (our tour manager) have gotten over 20 pieces combined. Even better part??? Sam loves us so we get a great deal! So nice, but you have to get them on the last day, lest ye fuck your shit up in the sun and saltwater from surfing and snorkeling! So pretty much every flight home your always in pain (that plus you stay up all night and drink pretty much non stop til you fly out)!

The Pier: When and what can we expect to see your music video for your Billy Joel cover of Moving Out?

Dom: Keep your pants on!!! It’s coming!! It’s pretty dope too. We had a great time filming it at home in Orlando at Fullsail (recording and film school). It looks top notch and is in line for color correction. The video features a lot of our personal friends, some great fans that didn’t mind staying all night and a cameo from one Yesod Williams from Pepper. No promises but it should be out before the end of this tour with Reel Big Fish and the English Beat.

The Pier: So how is your current tour going with Reel Big Fish and the English Beat?

Dom: Well, it could be better. I mean, I could be drinking and banging hookers right now, but I’m answering these damn questions. Seriously though, The English Beat are probably some of the coolest dudes around. I’ve heard stories about some of the guys before the tour and let me tell you kids at home, the English Beat are straight up Dudes. We’ve been having a great time with them. It’s also been a great time watching one of my favorite bands growing up – Reel Big Fish. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. No one does Third Wave Ska better than RBF. They have the shit on lock. I must say I miss the Locker keeper and drinking and smoking myself into a coma, but this tour is one of the better ones. Big up Dave Wakeland and the rest of The Beat.

The Pier: What has been your best highlight and worst low-light thus far in 2009?

Dom: Highlights I’d say, still being active. We had a really hard time on our last tour, we had a robbery in Seattle. 10,000 bones worth of shit gone (and they stole our bong – bastards) and a mega vehicle breakdown (we had to replace a transmission twice!), Skart and our driver developed pneumonia and were pretty bad off for a few weeks. We never missed one show however, Skart really was a trooper and my hat is off to him for sticking it out and making the show happen on more than one occasion.

We’re really just thankful to be touring this country and meeting and smoking with all of you fans out there. As much shit as I talk I gotta be honest, it’s all for you guys. We hope to see you at a show again soon. Oh, and big up FL, especially all you folks in the 407 and big up The Pier, Phil eat a bag of Dicks for me, we need some burgers in Florida!

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