Pier Vol 1 Interview: RAC

Pier Vol 1 Interview: RAC

The Pier: Flourish is another classic laid back RAC tune. What was the inspiration behind it? Where did you do the recording session for it?

RAC: Flourish is pretty much about an outsider’s perspective to the whole economic crisis right now. We were never part of the problem cuz we know life’s not about material things! We tracked Flourish over at our studio at Derek’s place called Fertile Panda Studios. We also recorded a couple tracks from our album Heavy over there as well.

The Pier: Speaking of Heavy, this is one of The Pier’s favorite releases of the year, how has the response been to date from everyone else?

RAC: Yeah, we released Heavy May 9th and had our CD release show @ The Clubhouse in Tempe with a lot of our favorite local reggae bands in AZ. The response from Heavy has been great; really look forward to hitting the road in support of the album.

The Pier: Who did the artwork for it? It is easily my favorite this year.

RAC: Our buddy Bailey Flynn helped out with the artwork for Heavy. After we finished our album we got in contact with him, listened to the album and came up with some ideas. Bailey took the RACtopus to a new level!

The Pier: What else has RAC got planned for 2009? Are you planning on doing any interstate touring?

RAC: Right now we are in the process of getting a van. We’re on the road after that trying to hit up places where we got fans! Other than that we want to continue playing all around the southwest to continue supporting Heavy.

The Pier: So what are some of your favorite compilation albums?

RAC: We like listening to the Volcom and Epitaph compilation albums, you know the ones you get from Warped Tour? Fat Wreck also puts out some awesome podcasts. We also enjoy the Sense Boardwear and The Pier compilations; you guys have put out some solid CDs!

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