Pier Vol 1 Interview: Sunset Bus

Pier Vol 1 Interview: Sunset Bus

The Pier: Did you go into the studio recently to record this new jam Take it Easy?

Satoshi: We were recording up until the deadline! We wanted to “take it easy,” but it wasn’t possible this time.

The Pier: Does Sunset Bus have any further releases planned for 2009?

Satoshi: We want to maybe release something, maybe a five song CD, around October or November.

The Pier: How is the reggae rock scene in Japan at the moment?

Satoshi: It is still a small scene here in Japan. However, all the bands and fans in this scene have very strong spirits and love toward the music. So it is always getting more and more people involved, and the music is spreading! Everyone checks The Pier and Sense Boardwear here!

The Pier: Nice. You came out to the USA earlier this year for a visit. How was that?

Satoshi: It was so fun! I saw shows of the band I like, and hung out at various places. My soul got a very strong stimulation!

The Pier: You also started the wonderful Japanese record label One Big Family Records. What does it have planned for the rest of 2009?

Satoshi: We released ONE BIG FAMILY 5 this summer! I got together 15 bands from the Japanese reggae-rock scene. I plan to release Skunk Records bands, and some other bands from foreign countries. Please stay connected with ONE BIG FAMILY RECORDS!

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