Review: Cas Haley – “Connection”

Review: Cas Haley – “Connection”

Cas Haley – Connection
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Track Listing:
1.) Release Me (The Fear)
2.) Better
3.) Take A Chance
4.) Will I Find
5.) No One
6.) Let It Out
7.) Time And Truth
8.) Counting Stars
9.) I’m Free
10.) Here I Come
11.) Everyday
12.) Connection
13.) Better

The Pier Album Rating:

Album Produced by: Cas Haley
Album Mixed by: Danny Kalb
Label: Easy Star Records

Artist Background:
One love is a message that Bob Marley brought to the forefront of reggae music. The same message rings true for the latest addition of Easy Star Records’ recording artist, Cas Haley. Reggae’s core message is, after all, one love.-Cas Haley.
You might remember his soulful, funky, reggae sound from the 2nd season of America’s Got Talent, in which Cas placed 2nd place. His amazing performance on the show was quickly recognized as he sold 30,000 copies of his self titled debut album with hardly any promotion.

“Cas’ sound is unique and accessible. It’s not often we come across a singer/songwriter this talented, regardless of genre, so we had to work with him.”- Easy Star C.E.O Eric Smith.

Album Review:
Cas Haley’s debut album on Easy Star Records titled Connection is an excellent addition to any reggae music fan’s catalog. His reggae influence is heard throughout the entire album along with hints of soul, blues and pop. Release Me (The Fear) starts the album off by giving the listener a glimpse of what’s to come as Cas’ rich vocals blend melodically with the soothing sounds of a piano. After twenty-five seconds into the track, horns, guitars and melodic grooves set the pace for the rest of the album that is rich in roots reggae and pop.

Better, Time and Truth, and I’m Free are songs in which Cas reflects on his childhood to the present. His lyrically stunning cover of Alicia Keys’No One is quickly recognized, as is the bonus version of the single Better which was remixed by Easy Star’s musical director Michael Goldwasser.

Mixed by Danny Kalb (Ben Harper, Beck) Connection is an album rich in truth, life experiences and the message of love. The chilled grooves, rocking guitars and funky horns combined with Cas’ melodic vocals always bring the listener back to the message of Connection.

I consider Connection my real debut album because it is who I am from start to finish– Cas Haley

– Written & Reviewed by: Chad Hillje
– Edited by: Kyle Hillje

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