Interview: P-Nuckle

Interview: P-Nuckle

Known for their punk rock/reggae party sound, Colorado favorites P-Nuckle is no stranger to the scene. Opening up for Tribal Seeds at the Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, these guys sat down with us to discuss reggae, Magnum P.I missions, crossing the country in boxer shorts and what’s in store for the future. Enjoy!

The Pier: How are you guy’s doin’?
P-Nuckle: Nostalgic Chad. We’ve known you for way too long!

The Pier: Yeah I figured that it’s about time we got this interview.
P-Nuckle: (Chris) We found out that you were doing this interview so I said that if you don’t come to this show tonight, we know where you live and we were gonna hide your girlfriend.

The Pier: (laughs) Now that sounds like a threat!
P-Nuckle: It’s a promise Chad. Really though, we are glad you came man.

The Pier: Very stoked to be here with you fellas. Now, you guys are doing big things and just released your third studio album Stand Up. Without sounding too cliché as an interviewer, I’m still gonna ask you how this latest album has matured from the previous two albums Colfax Satisfaction and 303?
P-Nuckle: (Dave) It’s good! Having our own studio and doing our own thing has given us creative control all the way and that’s huge. We are all older now and we have better jobs so we are able to pour a bunch of money into what we do and what we love.(Chris) This album is a lot more rootsy and it kinda brings home the idea that we’re not stuck in the same category as a lot of other bands are. You can tell on this album that this is our best work and the best I’ve seen come out of Revolution Sound Labs. It sounds great. Dave’s really honing his craft and he his getting really good at what we are shooting for. The next album is something to anticipate as well, so look out people!

The Pier: With your studio continually evolving and getting better, what new approach are you bringing to your recording techniques?
P-Nuckle: (Dave) We are bringing in a lot of new gear. On the side, I’m a hack carpenter and we are acoustically paneling our entire studio and bringing it up to that professional level. It’s fun and a lot of work but that’s a beautiful thing. The studio is going to have its own website at coming up in like a month or so.

The Pier: We look forward to checking that out guys! You guys have played in just about every dive and concert hall in Denver, Colorado. Which one do you guys like to rock the most?
P-Nuckle: (EZ) We always love to play at Herman’s Hideaway of course, but anywhere on Colfax and anywhere on Broadway. We got a chance to play at the Fillmore with Matisyahu recently and that was quite an experience. (Dave) For me it changes like every month and so many of them surprise me. Recently we played a benefit show in Boulder at a place called The Goose and it was a small place with three XLR’s, a mic and a stand. We set up as best as we could and it turned into quite a party and we all had fun! I love the small venues and tonight is a good example here at Cervantes.

The Pier: Can we look forward to some big things this fall?
P-Nuckle: This summer we played the Westword Music Showcase. We also played the Denver Day of Rock with our good friends The Aggrolites and Fishbone. In November we are scheduled to play with The Expendables. We’ve got some good stuff coming up this year!

The Pier: That is definitely something for Nuckleheads to look forward to. You guys have been together for the better part of a decade now, so we want to know, where you guys think you will be in another ten years?
P-Nuckle: (Dave) In our first decade we have been through a lot of band members. Chris and I are the only ones still here from the beginning. We have grown up a lot since 2000. In November I’m going to Miami to get married on a 139 ft yacht at sunset and Chris is my best man. Chris actually had a dream recently that I did not go through with my marriage and jumped on a Magnum P.I. helicopter, got in the pilot seat, started flying this fucking thing and my dad gave us a little salute as we flew away. We have a Cuban in our band (EZ) and we are going to be like 90 miles from his homeland, so if I’m walking down the aisle and a helicopter shows up…(laughs).

The Pier: You guys have shared the stage with many of reggae’s finest. Who is next on the list?
P-Nuckle: (Chris) We have been fortunate to play with guys like The Wailers, Matisyahu, Slightly Stoopid and the Mad Caddies, just to name a few, but I would love to play with Less Than Jake. (Dave) I’m going to go with Steel Pulse and Lagwagon.

The Pier: A lot of your fans want to know, is there a tour coming anytime soon?
P-Nuckle: (Chris) We hope so man. Before Dave gets married, we want to go to California for a few shows and definitely try to hit the coast. (Dave) We are definitely gonna tour! I would like to travel 2000 miles in nothing but my boxers, if possible, just to say, “I crossed the country in nothing but my boxers”!

The Pier: (laughs) What bands are in heavy rotation on your iPod?
P-Nuckle: (Chris) I’m really into Rusko right now. He is a great dub step DJ from the U.K. I’m also listening to The Expendables new album “Prove It”. You will hear Tatanka on my iPod as well. (Dave) My iPod is playing some Unwritten Law right now. (EZ) I’m playing Katchafire, Natural Vibrations and Stranger. Close to home there is a group called Rudie Clash that’s sick. You should definitely check those guys out.

The Pier: Thanks guys, we are looking forward to the show tonight and another 10 years from you guys!
P-Nuckle: Rock on Chad!

Interview by: Chad Hillje
Edited by: Kyle Hillje