Algorhythm Blurs the Lines with ‘Make it Last’

Algorhythm Blurs the Lines with ‘Make it Last’

Breaking boundaries and defying genre norms, Algorhythm breaks the mold with their highly anticipated debut album, Make It Last.

By Kelly Graham

Featuring the musical prowess of Kyle Wareham, Trevor Young, and Kevin Offitzer, the trio’s collaborative effort promises an exhilarating journey that transcends conventional labels. With roots spanning from reggae to rock, their eclectic sound will captivate audiences, setting a new standard in our scene.

With this release, Algorhythm emerges as a dynamic force poised to reshape the musical landscape and only four months into 2024, I’m calling Make It Last as album of the year now; once you listen, you’ll realize why. I don’t foresee anything topping what these guys have crafted here.

Although Algorhythm is still only at the beginning of what undoubtedly looks to be a long, successful journey, all three musicians already have massive fan bases through their other bands, SOJA, Stick Figure and Three Legged Fox. While the guys may be primarily recognized for their other work, the synergy of their talents combined cannot be conveyed in words which is what makes Algorhythm so unique.

Kyle states, “We write much of our music together, but the sound of our record was really sculpted by Trevor. He’s the one who collects all of our raw tracks and brings them to life; it’s his production.”

“I think we bring a sound that is our own. This project is kind of a uniquely special thing in that we only set out to make music together. We travel and write songs based on our experiences. I’m not sure if that sets us apart from anyone else, but it’s definitely special to me. I’ve always felt like this scene loved reggae music but beyond that, loved and embraced ‘real’ music. Songs about real things written by real people. That’s what we do and that’s who we are.”

Aside from the immeasurable musical talent this trio clearly possesses, we cannot discuss Algorhythm without mentioning their manager Brandon who played a pivotal role in forming the band, leading to an unexpected yet rewarding yearlong journey culminating in the album’s release.

Brandon tells us, “Algorhythm really just started with an idea I had to get a few of my friends together to play some music and have some fun. I didn’t really present a plan (even though I may have sort of had one); I just asked, ‘Are you in?’ and all three of them said yes with no hesitation. We established from the beginning that nothing was off limits when it came to the direction of which way we were gonna take the songs. The album feels like we’re kind of in our own lane, doing what makes the four of us happy, and that’s all I could have hoped for.”

Make It Last presents a cohesive listening experience, with each track contributing to the album’s overall impact. Algorhythm’s sound, a blend of pop, rock, reggae, and electronic, sets them apart from each member’s previous endeavors. One thing that truly stands out here is that there is not a skippable track on this entire album, and for a debut record, that’s a hard feat to achieve. The incredible instrumentation, musicianship, and lyricism are carried throughout this forty-minute masterpiece.

The rhythmic backbone of the group, Kevin Offitzer, says, “I’ve been blessed to record and write with many artists over the years, but the majority of my musical energy is spent as the touring drummer of Stick Figure. It’s been a whole new experience working with Kyle and Trev. Algorhythm is an opportunity for us to create our own sound and the fellas have been so receptive to my input as a lyricist, producer, and vocalist.”

The lead-off track, “Crossing the Bridge,” while short, is the perfect showcase of Trevor Young’s guitar wizardry. Although it does leave you longing for more after it’s mere two minutes of guitar shredding, the choice to follow up this track with “Good Life” is genius. Listeners will be drawn in immediately and then dropped right into what, I believe, may be Algorhythm’s best track; a truly timeless song with a beautiful message that ensures its enduring appeal.

The title track, “Make It Last,” is led vocally by Trevor Young, with Kyle Wareham featured on a verse. A song about appreciating life and living in the moment, continues the signature Algorhythm theme created with their first release, “Good Life.” Having multiple lead vocalists allows for a dynamic sound to be achieved throughout the record, encompassing vastly different songs, while still maintaining the signature Algorhythm vibe.

“Get It Now” is absolutely a stand-out track, showcasing Algorhythm as the genre bending rock stars they are. Brandon tells us he helped lay the foundation for this song about enjoying the good times with your best friends in Costa Rica; the majority of songs on Make It Last were written during the group’s trip there this past fall.  Although Algorhythm’s sound is not strictly reggae, all those involved feel inspired by laid-back days and sunny beach vibes; you can hear that theme very vividly in this song. While it is vocally led by Kyle, Trevor AND Kevin are both featured on verses and laced throughout the song, really displaying how all three voices perfectly compliment each other. This is such a fun song that will be a great summer 2024 anthem, evoking a desire to run off to Costa Rica.

When asked what sets this album apart Trevor replies, “We just wanted to have our own sound. I think it’s helpful that it’s just the three of us, who aren’t bass players or key players, but we still write and record those parts; it keeps it fresh. We aren’t trying to do what other people have already done. This album is a reflection of us at a certain point in our lives, in a certain place. Capturing a moment. Listening to the album, I think of it more like a progressive album than a collection of songs. It’s more than that. It’s a state of mind.”

Brandon teases, “I guess it should also be said that we’re seven songs in on our second album, so be on the lookout for that in the near future.” With plans to swiftly release a follow-up album, Algorhythm is quickly on their way to the top. As for what’s next, the guys will be announcing a few festivals and a string of shows in support of the album; stay tuned to their Instagram @wearealgorhythm so you don’t miss the opportunity to see them rock these tunes live.