Claire Wright’s 80’s Themed Bachelorette Weekend

Claire Wright’s 80’s Themed Bachelorette Weekend

Claire Wright is getting married! And what’s the best part about getting married? The bachelorette party, of course.

The overall-wearing, hat-loving singer/songwriter from Tahoe, CA hosted a handful of her best gal pals in Park City, Utah the weekend of March 25th for some snowboarding, dress up, hot-tub Chinese food, and mullets to celebrate “Claire’s Last Shred”.

The trip’s cheeky tagline?

“Drink Fast, Ride Slow!!!”

If you’re like us, you followed along the whole weekend eagerly waiting for the next update. So you know The Pier got all the must-know deet’s from Wright, because Instagram stories just aren’t enough. We needed specifics about the three days of “snowboarding, debauchery, and a whole lot of laughter”, as Wright describes it. Beautifully curated (and done on the cheap), she even had gift bags for her guests affixed with stickers of their dogs.

“I’m a sucker for cute decor, I went crazy making custom baskets for all my girls! Party pro tip-Dollar Tree!!! Dollar Tree* is such an easy and cheap way to add small details! I try to stay in a certain color combination to keep an elevated look!”

Her favorite memory? Snowboarding in 80’s gear; the theme was B.Y.O.M. (bring your own mullet)

Her favorite spot? No Name Saloon, “It reminds me of a Nashville bar”.

*This post was not sponsored by Dollar Tree