Amp Live Releases New EP ‘Divine Delay’

Amp Live Releases New EP ‘Divine Delay’

These days, most folks will find new music from Amp Live with fellow comrade Eric Rachmany of Rebelution through their side project Unified Highway. Having said that, Amp Live is still pressing on with releases of his own, and just dropped his latest EP Divine Delay featuring 6 new tracks via Strange Focus Records.

Across his illustrious career, Amp Live has assembled quite the resume. Known most notably as an alternative hip-hop producer and DJ with reggae influences across his EDM catalog, Amp Live has been AmpLive_Divine-Delay-Album-Coverreleasing music every year for the better half of a decade. Fans have likely sampled or made themselves closely acquainted with his 2010 release Murder at the Discotech or his most recent studio album Headphone Concerto from 2014. He’s remained well-entrenched in the underground hip-hop scene as well, as made evident having worked with Prof, The Grouch, Eligh and more. And while his releases may not always be in the form of full-length albums, they’re always diverse with plenty to offer.

His new release is no different, comprised of mellow moments, hip-hop beats and trappy EDM influences. The lead-off track “Don’t Stop No Rest” features none other than Eric Rachmany himself – matching his trademark vocals with chill-step instrumentals. “Many Reasons” features the above-mentioned rapper and producer Corey “The Grouch” Scoffern who has collaborated with Amp Live previously; Amp blends a heavy bassline with The Grouch’s hip-hop vocals and it pairs quite nicely.

The album closes with perhaps its most enjoyable track in “Poem for Princess” – a soothing and relaxing two-minute instrumental to lull the listener into a musical trance (I actually almost fell asleep, great ambient moments here). See for yourself and grab your copy of Divine Delay on iTunes by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Brian Glaser

Listen: Amp Live – “Don’t Stop No Rest” (featuring Eric Rachmany)

Listen: Amp Live – “Signs” (featuring Eric Rachmany)