Iration Drops ‘Time Bomb’ Album On Wax

Iration Drops ‘Time Bomb’ Album On Wax

Isla Vista, CA’s Iration has re-released their iconic 2010 record Time Bomb to Vinyl for the first time via the groups own Three Prong Records. The vinyl will ship March 12th almost 8 years to the date of its original release.

I believe there are two game-changing albums that created an influentially specific pop-reggae genre of music — That is Rebelution’s 2012 Peace of Mind and before that, Iration’s Time Bomb. Rebelution Iration_TimeBomb_Vinylleans more toward the roots influence while Iration adapts classic rock and Hawaiian culture, but its Pop-Reggae at its core with catchy hooks, soulful melodies around a beachy, lovers-rock premise.

The 13-track Time Bomb record was originally put out via Pepper’s Law Records and was the second full length to Iration’s 2007 debut, No Time For Rest. Iration toured with Pepper in 2008 while promoting their Sample This EP which subsequently led to Law Records releasing what is arguably Iration’s top record in Time Bomb.

You can purchase your copy of the Time Bomb vinyl while available by clicking HERE!

Since the groups 2003 inception, Iration has released a total of 4 studio albums, 1 acoustic record and 3 EP’s. There are plans for a 2018 full-length album as they hinted at such during the release of new single, “Hit List,” on January 19th.

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When discussing the upcoming album, front-man Micah Pueschel tells The Pier: “We basically tried to make an album that paid homage to all of our influences. Obviously there are many, from multiple genres of music. Reggae, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Motown etc. People will be able to listen and try to pick up which of our influences are coming through. It’s going to be very eclectic in that way.”

Stay tuned as we anticipate information to be forthcoming on their new record, as they have just announced summer tour plans with Dirty Heads, The Movement and Pacific Dub.

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Article By: Mike Patti

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