As art and music programs continue to be removed from today’s standard school systems due to lack of funding, a movement has risen to help better the educational curriculum of our youth and future generations to come.

This movement is known as ARTIFORNIA. Its’ mission is to bring back art and music programs to our children through a traveling Live Art and Music Tour.

Al Scholl, a father and self-taught artist, is the visionary behind ARTIFORNIA. He is extremely passionate about what he does and is on a mission to help keep the arts alive.

The dream of ARTIFORNIA all started while he was volunteering at his son’s school. There, he spent his days teaching children how to paint and showing them how to channel their freedom of expression through Al-Schollart. Al’s whole life changed when a disabled child, who was labeled as “the outcast” of his class by his peers, found pure happiness in art. With just the power of art, Al saw the child’s spirits pick up and his peers finally accept him. This is what has truly inspired the idea behind ARTIFORNIA.

The goal is to hold a 6-city tour that goes up the coast of California from San Diego to San Francisco. In each city, he will host a “Live 100 minute Art Battle” with himself and 3 local artists, along with at least 1 local band playing live music.

The ultimate vision is to begin an ARTIFORNIA Community Program at each stop. This program will include a first round of classes to teach art to children, followed by the Live Art Battle Concert that will ultimately end with the creation of a community painting in each city. These events will be all ages as Al strongly encourages families to come together with their children to enjoy art in it’s purest form, live and direct.

All this will be done while documenting the entire process. Al’s mission is to “demonstrate how and why our future generations must be taught art and music and its importance to society. The documentary will be a permanent resource to stress the cause while also promoting our California local bands and supporting the culture of peace, love, creative artwork and positive music.”

Although ARTIFORNIA will begin on the west coast, Al has high hopes of one day spreading his dream across the entire nation. “ARTIFORNIA is about exposure! We aim to raise awareness of the positive change the Arts can accomplish, and to plant the seed directly within the children so we can discover and inspire our future artists and musicians. Without exposure, our children’s talents cannot be discovered,” says Al.

Lastly, the mission behind ARTIFORNIA cannot be completed until it is properly funded. Al and his supporters very humbly and respectfully ask that you find it in your heart to help make a real difference in the lives of today’s youth. As a result, Al has launched a kickstarter where you can donate as little as 1 dollar and read more on the full story behind ARTIFORNIA.

Check it out on Kickstarter, by clicking HERE!

Long Live the Arts!!

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Article by: David Garcia
Photos by: Sunny Side Photography & Rogue Agent Photo

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Live Art Session (Featuring: The Ambassador) from Garret Laver on Vimeo.