Artist Radar: House of Shem

Artist Radar: House of Shem

Welcome to another Thursday Artist Radar! Our Pacific Island coverage continues as we sharpen our focus on New Zealands House of Shem as they have plans for a new release. Our weekly Artist Radar articles will be dedicated to each of the groups featured on the FREE Pacific Island Sampler.. Lets read up on House of Shem. Enjoy the Interview….

House of Shem contributed 2 songs for FREE download in our Pacific Island Sampler. When we caught up with House of Shem, we asked if they wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes out to ask a few questions and provide some insight for you fans to absorb. Check out the Interview to find out more about the group along with their latest album Island Vibration.

House of Shem Free MP3s:

FREE Songs: “Party” and “Sweet Love”

House of Shem Bio/Background
House of Shem hail from Aotearoa, New Zealand and like many legendary reggae groups this band is built around the classic harmony trio format. At the helm is Carl Perkins, a man with over thirty years experience writing and playing reggae music. As a former member of ‘Herbs’, ‘Mana’ and ‘The Twelve Tribes Of Israel’ amongst others, Carl’s musical credentials are impeccable.

Joining Carl are two of his sons Te Omeka and Isaiah who not only provide harmonies and play keyboards, they are both lead vocalist and composers in their own right. It is this blood link and family bond that renders the sum of their combined voices as something really extraordinary. Each of the three has their own distinct song writing style and voice, effectively giving the band three lead singers. The harmonies are sublime and the precision of their ensemble performance is phenomenal. For their new album Island Vibration the Perkins family also worked with up and coming artist Karl Thomas, who provides another unique voice for the band. The new album was recorded in 2010 at Auckland’s Roundhead studios with legendary reggae producer, Errol Brown.

Interview with House of Shem:

The Pier: First off, how has your Australian tour and how is reggae music being embraced in Australia?
HOS: The tours have been very successful so far. Australia is known as a big rock and country audience but since my tours with herbs in the early 80s of Australia, i have seen a huge surge of Reggae, R&B and Hip Hop with a wide following

The Pier: On February 14, 2011, your latest album “Island Vibration”, debuted on the Official NZ Charts at #1 as well as #1 on Itunes, NZ. How well have the new songs been received live?
HOS: The New songs have proved very popular live with the audience singing along to the words

The Pier: I understand you worked with producer Errol Brown (Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Ziggy Marley), on “Island Vibration”, is that right? What was it liking working with him? What kind of a producer is Errol Brown?
HOS: Thats correct. We worked with Mr. Errol Brown. It was great working with Errol and to feel the frequencies that we love to hear in reggae music.

The Pier: You guys have toured NZ & Australia. Are there any plands to do a nationwide tour of US?
HOS: In the future, Yes thats correct. Hawaii included

The Pier: Being from Aotearoa, New Zealand tell us what the culture of the music is on the islands right now and how it may differ from the rest of the world?
HOS: The culture of music today in Aotearoa is diverse however Reggae, Pop and R&B are still a huge influence. I think more people in the world these days want love for music.

The Pier: With this FREE Pacific Island Sampler, you guys gave us 2 songs with “Party” and “Sweet Love”. For a lot of fans, this is their first impression to your music. How do these songs represent your group, and what do you want fans to take away from your music?
HOS: These songs have been written from the heart with true feelings of love and togetherness. We would like people to feel the same way for each other.

The Pier: With so much talent sprouting out of the Pacific Islands, What insight would you give us on groups coming out of NZ? Which groups are making a lot of noise on the Island right now?
HOS: Yes its true. There are so many up and coming new artists and bands from all genres of music who are all equally as talented as each other and I believe that the world music scene has had but a small taste of whats to come from the south pacific.

The Pier: What are House of Shem’s plans moving for the rest of 2011 and into 2012? Any plans to get back in the studio? Have you written any new music while on the road together?
HOS: Yes, House of Shem have some really exciting moves for the rest of the year and moving into 2012. This includes a new album and plans for a world tour.

Huge thanks to House of Shem, not just for the FREE music but for taking time out during their Aussie tour to answer a few questions. We appreciate the time, love & support. Fans, if you haven’t already, go download the Pacific Island Sampler by clicking HERE

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Article & Interview by: Mike Patti