September 2011 Album Releases!

September 2011 Album Releases!

Fall is right around the corner as we say hello to the month of September, further parting ways from a memorable summer. Our ears are still ringing as we are blown away by the amount of releases we’ve seen in 2011. For the month of September, we take a look at a handful of anticipated releases to keep the 2011 soundtrack spinning! Lets take a look…

For the month of September, we take a look at 5 different albums that are fresh out of the studio, ready for your sound system. There’s some full lengths & an EP to remind us more music is coming. But if you take a look, Sept 6th will be the first Tuesday in September and it holds the bulk of September’s more exciting releases!

Whenever there is new music, there is generally tours to support them, so be sure to check our Show Locator to see where each band will be playing next. If there’s a group you don’t see inside our Show Locator, let us know and we’ll update it. In the meantime, save your paycheck and take a peak at what August holds for us with new album releases…

September 2011 Album Releases

Ballyhoo! – Daydreams
Release Date: Sept 6th, 2011
Daydreams is Ballyhoo!’s first album on LAW Records, the independent record label owned by the dub rock mega-sensation, Pepper. The 12-track multi-dimensional album was recorded and produced at Sound Lounge studios in Orlando, Florida by Greg Shields and Mike Stebe.
“I think the new album is better musically and lyrically. We just play better now,” explains Ballyhoo!’s lead singer and guitarist Howi Spangler. Scott Vandrey (DJ Blaze) expanded their instrumental repertoire with the addition of the piano. This enhancement opened the doors to an entirely new, multidimensional sound for the band and is particularly evident in the albums closing song, “Ricochet”.

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Mike Pinto Band – The West Is Still Wild EP
Release Date: Sept 6th, 2011
Mike Pinto’s new 6 track EP is set to be digitally available at Fans will be able to pick up a physical copy of the album at any one of the live shows during his Fall tour. Featured on this album, fans can look forward to hearing backing support of drummer Todd Elrod and bassist Matt Brein, formerly of Bargain Music, and special guests including DeLa (Slightly Stoopid,), Juan Rios (Seedless), Kat Nestel as well as Max O’Leary and Josh Molle on horns. It was recorded at 17 St Studios in Costa Mesa, CA with Lew Richards. The art was done by Paul Carpenter, the same artist who drew up his previous releases.

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Natural Vibrations – Got This Music
Release Date: Sept 6th, 2011
Natural Vibrations, aka Natty Vibes, have been a group going on the legal age of 18 years and they will be releasing their 7th release & 6th studio album, this month, titled Got This Music. The 6 Piece Reggae-Rock Pop group continuing to make splashes out of Hawaii and beyond is set to celebrate their new release on Go Aloha Entertainment this month. Natural Vibrations assures fans it’ll be a release full of all new music. The Group is currently pushing their new single from Got This Music, titled “Dont Worry”.

Outlaw Nation – Back In Babylon
Release Date: Sept 6th, 2011
Outlaw Nation is set to release their next album, Back In Babylon, on Sept 6th, 2011 via Stoopid Records, owned by the members of Slightly Stoopid. The group is currently promoting their new single Love & Music that will be featured on the new 12 track album. The album was recorded at The Beatice studio, that was built in an old mansion in New Orleans, LA. When asked about the album, lead singer Simeon told The Pier “We think our new record is going to provide the reggae rock community and music lovers, with some fresh and exciting new music, we are extremely stoked about the future and hope you guys dig what you hear!”.

Passafire – Start From Scratch
Release Date: Sept 20th, 2011
Passafire spent the beginning of 2011 in El Paso, TX where they recorded new album Start From Scratch with producer Paul Leary. This album will be the first release on the groups new label, “Flame Guy Records” and will include 12 brand new songs.

“This album represents a new era of Passafire music in that it digs deeper into what we have only scratched the surface of so far in the studio,” says Bowne. “We got to elaborate on our ideas of incorporating electronic and acoustic sounds surrounding the core style we have already established. Fans can expect a few acoustic “slow jam ballads” as well as a few new up-beat rockers that push the boundaries of Passafire’s hard rock side. The lyrics are playful, insightful, and carefully placed. Once again we have managed to make a record with no profanity which, I think, helps to push it out toward a broader audience. There are songs with stories behind them and songs written like abstract pieces of art. It’s a good variety of slow and fast paced stuff with a good amount of synths and acoustic.”
-Ted Bowne of Passafire