Bad Brains’ HR Documentary Released to Theaters

Bad Brains’ HR Documentary Released to Theaters

Often a common theme when musicians across multiple genres state their list of influential artists, Bad Brains have been a dominant force in music dating back to their inception in 1977. Undoubtedly the most iconic member from the DC Based hardcore-punk outfit is none other than lead vocalist and frontman Paul “HR” Hudson. It has recently been revealed that a documentary entitled “Finding Joseph I” has officially been released to detail and spotlight the career and life of HR.

To be deemed as such an influential artist while remaining as relevant as Bad Brains has for 40 years is extraordinary, but to be fair, they have compiled plenty of ammo across their albums and performances to prove that they are an extraordinary band. Blending a tasty dosage of distorted guitar jams, high-octane and in-your-face drumming coupled Finding-Joseph-I-Promowith overarching punk and reggae influences has seemed effortless for Bad Brains. Throughout his career, HR has done collaborations and guest live appearances with plenty of household names. Most recently, the band played exclusive sets at Riot Fest 2017 in Chicago to celebrate their 40th anniversary. However, the path for the band (and specifically) for HR hasn’t always been an easy one throughout their triumphant career.

Finding Joseph I is slated to be a documentary to highlight the career, life and struggles for HR. While the documentary will surely focus on his success and iconic persona, it also depicts his battle with mental health. The overall theme in general is worth everyone’s time to check the documentary out, but it is expected to be very well done from a production perspective – James Lathos was at the helm for direction and Small Axe Films has executive production rights, with comedian and actor Jay Mohr getting in on the action as well. Never-before seen footage and photography will be revealed, as well as original music from the late Aaron Owens and Miguel Happoldt (Long Beach Dub Allstars & Sublime).

This project has been in the works for years, and speaks to just how powerful and important of a figure HR is to so many people. “Finding Joseph I” was originally a kickstarter back in 2013 by Small Axe Films, when a goal of $38,000 was originally submitted – the goal was easily surpassed. Folks who threw down for a pledge received gifts, such as swag, the Finding Joseph I soundtrack, as well as an exclusive HR track produced by Chino Moreno of Deftones and much more. Read more about the kickstarter and efforts to bring Finding Joseph I to life by clicking HERE!

It has been noted that the documentary will include exclusive interviews with HR, members of Sublime, Deftones, Cro-Mags, Fishbone and more. As a side note, news dropped in April 2016 that Chino Moreno of Deftones was forming a supergroup named Saudade, with Dr. Know of Bad Brains, alongside former Bad Brains drummer Mackie Jayson as well as members of Cro-Mags and Crosses – check back at The Pier for more developments in the near future.

The documentary was available for screenings at select theaters over the month of October. Those who are not able to check out the live screening will be able to place an order for Finding Joseph I on DVD, which will be released November 3. Pre-order the DVD today by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Brian Glaser

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