Review: Goldfinger – The Knife

Review: Goldfinger – The Knife

Goldfinger – The Knife
Goldfinger The KnifeTrack Listing:
1.) A Million Miles
2.) Get What I Need
3.) Am I Deaf
4.) Tijuana Sunrise
5.) Put the Knife Away
6.) Don’t Let Me Go
7.) Beacon
8.) Who’s Laughing Now
9.) Say It Out Loud
10.) Orthodontist Girl
11.) See You Around
12.) Liftoff
13.) Mila

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: July 21st, 2017
Record Label: Rise Records
Official Website: Goldfinger Website

Artist Background:
Since their musical inception in 1994, Goldfinger has grown quite accustomed to the spotlight. From their iconic track “Superman” which was introduced to many from the delivery of the Tony Hawk’s Proskater video game series, to their classic rendition of “99 Red Balloons,” the L.A. based ska-punk outfit fronted by songwriter and producer John Feldmann have returned with their first album in nine years. The album features a new lineup for Goldfinger, including bassist Mike Herrera (MXPX), guitarist Phillip Sneed (Story of the Year) and drumming contributions from Travis Barker (Blink-182) and Josh Dunn (twenty one pilots).

Album Review:
If you’re on the hunt for the best ska-punk rock release of 2017, grab this record and your search is complete.

The Knife fires right out of the gate at 1,000 mph – “A Million Miles” sets the uptempo on cruise control for the majority of the album serving as a steady pop-punk track to get things started. Didn’t take long to get engulfed in the record after a lead-off like that – Feldmann stated that the track reinvigorated the fact that he “still cares about music.”

For me, it was clear the three best tracks on the album are aligned consecutively with one another starting with “Am I Deaf” – which actually released to the masses in 2013. The track pokes fun in several areas, including those who record entire concerts from their phones (a few pictures and snaps here and there are fine but if you are doing this, stop it) – but ultimately is a tribute to those who are reinventing music and finding ways to be creative, including shout-outs specifically to The Who, Black Flag, and The Dead Kennedy’s from previous eras.

“Tijuana Sunrise” felt like the standout reggae track of the album. Relaxed horns pair nicely with a tropical depiction of, well, having a little too much fun in Mexico. Feldmann stated recently the track is more so about overcoming doubt and barely surviving earlier in his career with Goldfinger.

Feldy showcases his versatile vocal range on “Don’t Let Me Go” with smooth falsetto action paired with another catchy chorus. The only slight miss on the album would be “Orthodontist Girl” – while comedic in nature and solid once again from a production perspective, the track comes off a bit flat and generalized. An immediate rebound soon follows however, featuring Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 on “See You Around” – the track at times felt like a memoir of sorts, and Hoppus’ trademark sound fits favorably.

“Liftoff” felt spirited and lively while sporting ironic doomsday lyrics, as 311’s Nick Hexum chimes in with a few verses and adds assistance on the chorus, leading into “Milla” which closes out the record. The track was notated by Feldy to be dedicated to his daughter, and is highlighted by steady tremolo distortion as the track opens.

This is quality, quintessential Goldfinger. Perhaps it’s simply because this is the first batch of new jams we’ve heard from the band in nine years and we’ve been missing it dearly. Or perhaps it’s due to the eclectic lineup and guest features John Feldmann was able to construct for this record. Either way, if you had been thinking Goldfinger’s best days were forever trapped in the 90’s or early 00’s – The Knife is a loud, infectious, in-your-face way of saying: “You’re wrong!”

Written & Reviewed By: Brian Glaser

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