Beebs Releases New Single featuring Perro Bravo

Beebs Releases New Single featuring Perro Bravo

A unique pairing took place when Beebs was announced to be in the studio with Perro Bravo. The result of that connection is seeing its fruition with the release of a new single by Beebs with “Lights Out,” produced by Miguel Happoldt and his band Perro Bravo.

Miguel’s history with Sublime & Long Beach Dub Allstars is well documented. Beebs is still early in her musical career and like Miguel, is known for serving a diverse plate of musical genres with her style of soul, ska, jazz, pop and flare. She fronted her own ska band, Beebs & Her Money Makers where they released 5 albums over 7 years of touring before going solo last June with her debut 7-track EP release of Eye Shine.
Lights Out
With her new song, “Lights Out,” Beebs happened to be in the studio while Miguel was finishing up a track that he had been working on with his band, Perro Bravo. What started out as a Perro Bravo song featuring Beebs soon turned into Miguel relinquishing the song to her with his band as the guest, making this a new song by Beebs produced by Miguel Happoldt & Perro Bravo.

“Lights Out” is a conscious message about today’s society and how we treat crisis with inspiration coming from Beebs’ own experience during this seasons hurricanes that swooped through her home state of Florida. Beebs shares: “These are crazy times we live in. It is crucial to remember what is really important. Going through these last few hurricanes over on the east coast quickly put things back into perspective for me. I was fortunate to come home to a house and that all of my friends and family are safe. Others throughout Florida and the Caribbean did not fair as well.” Beebs continues on, sharing: “Despite the chaos and destruction, I have seen communities uplift each other. There is no class in tragedy. Just us. People. Help each other day to day. Disaster or no disaster. We all need each other now more than ever.”

As we echo Beebs sentiment, if you are looking to help Puerto Rico or The Virgin Islands, you can donate by clicking HERE! You can own Beebs new single “Lights Out” via iTunes or stream it via Spotify. Enjoy the song and video below.

Watch: Beebs – “Lights Out” (Feat. Perro Bravo)

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Article By: Mike Patti

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