Ben Copperhead Premieres Video For “Copperhead Vagabond”

Ben Copperhead Premieres Video For “Copperhead Vagabond”

Ben Copperhead has premiered his new video For “Copperhead Vagabond” online, featuring animation by Brian Zegeer on The Pier.

Said Copperhead of the track and video:
“‘Copperhead Vagabond’ is a mystic auto-biographical song that recounts the origin of his namesake: a venomous copperhead snake who bit him on his 18th birthday under the full moon. Vagabond is raw and immediate with acoustic guitar and voice recorded together straight to tape, overdubbed with psychedelic sheets of fuzzed-out electric guitar, hypnotic bass playing, and percussive drumming by Euan Rodger. This featured single is highlighted by Brian Zegeer’s animated music video, who contributed the original artwork for the album.”


“Wailing Viridescence” is a 10-track album of sci-fi/psych-folk songs and instrumentals written by NYC-based multi-instrumentalist Ben Copperhead. The album features his exuberant Stringed Serpents: Jessica Pavone on viola, Tom Swafford on violin, and Brent Arnold on cello, who co-produced the string sessions with Grammy-nominated engineer, Mike Tarantino. The album was mastered by Kramer. A few of Copperhead’s past favorite recordings that were hand-picked by Kramer are also included.

Wailing Viridescence represents Ben Copperhead’s continued musical growth and transformation refracted through the collective challenges we face in these tumultuous times. The album was co-produced with longtime collaborator cellist and composer Brent Arnold. Kramer mastered the recordings with Ben to help create his extraordinary debut LP for Shimmy-Disc.

“I haven’t known Ben for long, but this LP is already one of my ‘desert-island’ discs. Like all great poetry, it’s so full of life, it gently explodes in my soul as I listen to it.” – Kramer, 2023

Ben Copperhead is a New York City-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist whose compositions, performances, and arrangements offer a unique, contemporary vision informed by an unlikely range of influences, traditions, and collaborations.