Brazil Ska-Punks, Abraskadabra, Release New Record

Brazil Ska-Punks, Abraskadabra, Release New Record

Ska music can often feel like an underrated and underappreciated genre. Solid, quintessential ska music is much more than uptempo drums and horn sections; much more than rhythmic strumming of guitars and fast vocals. If you’re seeking a ska ensemble bringing something more to the table, look no further than Brazilian-based Abraskadabra, who just released their self-produced new album Welcome.Abraskadabra_BW

Perhaps a previously well-kept secret to some, Abraskadabra has actually been around since 2003. Their music has been labeled as “ska-punk,” but let it be known their music is far from one-dimensional. Touring habitually, the Brazilian seven-piece has already shared the stage with legends that include Bad Religion, Goldfinger, Flogging Molly, Rise Against and more, including Less Than Jake’s drummer Vinnie Fiorello who has already endorsed the second track “Heavy Hitters” on their new record. They’ve also added a tour run in its entirety supporting Mad Caddies and Voodoo Glow Skulls under their belt in their already 15-year-old career.

To be more geographically specific, the band hails from Curitiba, Brazil and claims that “with such catchy riffs, ultra-powered chords, great melodies and a portion of brazillian roots, they’re certainly a good reason to go out on your dancing shoes if you’re close to them.”

As for the album itself, Abraskadabra’s music on Welcome is heavy and wholesome. The album pays homage to 90’s pop-punk while never failing to capture the overall essence of pure ska music. Each track on the album feels like it segues perfectly to the next — some moments feel like sing-a-long anthems while others paint memories reminiscent of soundtracks, such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Simply put, its ska-punk at its finest.

Welcome is quality, feel-good ska music captured in a bottle that gets opened each time the album is fired up. The album has infectious guitar riffs notated on a bulk of the tracks including “Catching Fog,” “Exactly When,” “She’s Gonna Livia” and plenty more. And while there’s 12 tracks that will seem like plenty to choose from, the albums 33-minute run-time is over in the blink of an eye. For music enthusiasts who may even be relatively unfamiliar to ska-punk music, its hard to find a better door to enter than Abraskadabra’s Welcome.

As of today, you can stream the record or own a digital copy of the album by clicking HERE!

ABRASKADABRA – Welcome Track-list:
Abraskadabra_Welcome1.) Nothing New
2.) Heavy Hitters
3.) Left Corner
4.) Bordertown
5.) Worm’s Song
6.) Wheel of Fortune
7.) She’s Gonna Livia
8.) Catching Fog
9.) The Tall One
10.) Streets of Order Square
11.) Exactly When
12.) The Dream

Watch: Abraskadabra – “The Dream”

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Article By: Brian Glaser

Listen: Abraskadabra – “Left Corner”

Listen: Abraskadabra – “Catching Fog”