Canada’s Staylefish New Release!

Canada’s Staylefish New Release!

No longer is reggae music only played in tropical spots across the globe, it is played in snow covered areas as well. Recently some new tunes have dropped out of Canada. Staylefish, Canada’s party reggae-rock band, has just released their new album, check out all the details here.

Based out of London, Ontario, over the years this Canadian sextet has gained a following. With the strength of their catchy songs and explosive live shows, the band has successfully toured across Canada three times, been invited to the Vans Warped Tour, and continue to spread their live music and party atmosphere at live shows and festivals across Canada.

In 2005 Staylefish released their debut album, Utopian Theory, followed by the release of Audible Addiction in 2006, and 2009’s Color by Numbers. Even though Staylefish has been around since 2002, they have only been together in their current formation for just under two years. After much anticipation, Staylefish has released their lastest studio effort, the band’s first self-titled record.

Recorded at The Vault Recording Studio,in London, ON, Staylefish was released back in December after being engineered, and mixed by Jimi Tanney of the same studio, and mastered by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Mastering, in Goderich, Ontario.

The album includes eight self-produced tracks that feature guest vocalists JF Quesnel of Subb, Mista D of The Salads, John Coombs of The Next Best Thing and Matt Drake of Dodger. Also featured on the record are several additional musicians DJ Hullewood on the turntables, Mark Laidman on trombone, Tony DeLuca on saxophone and Jim Shephard rounds out the horn section on trumpet.

Check out the album HERE!

Track List:
1.) Burn It Down
2.) Gold Digger
3.) Lose Yourself
4.) Awake And Dreaming
5.) All Around The World
6.) Prisoner
7.) Atterberg Limits
8.) The Conquest

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

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