Chronixx ‘Capture Land’ US Tour

Chronixx ‘Capture Land’ US Tour

Born Jamar Rolando McNaughton, reggae fans are growing more familiar with the young Jamaican reggae-star now known as Chronixx. He’ll kick off his US tour on May 23rd at California Roots Music and Arts Festival before embarking on his Capture Land tour in the US that concludes June 20th.

Chronixx will be 23 years-old this October and is already making quite the name for himself through the reggae ranks. His father was an artist who went by the name Chronicle and young Chronixx was influenced early, growing up around the likes of Buju Banton, Norris Man and Gregory Isaacs. Chronixx released his first EP titled Hooked on Chronixx in 2010 and his debut, chart topping album, Dread & Terrible, in April 2014. In July of 2014, he was featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.
Chronixx Capture Land US Tour
Since then, Chronixx has been featured on many tracks with th elikes of Inner Circle, Mystic Revealers, Protoje along with new and renewed working connections with and Danny Browne.

Here’s what Mystic Revealers’ Billy Wilmot told The Pier of Chronixx: “We have watched with admiration, and a small bit of pride, as Chronixx has developed from the days of his earliest performances at Jamnesia into the top caliber artist he is today. This is something that we knew would happen… His talent is undeniable.”

When first discovering Chronixx, here’s what Jimmy Fallon told his audience on the Tonight Show before having Chronixx perform on the show: “…I was in Jamaica, I was on vacation, at this awesome place called Golden Eye… They play Reggae music through the whole resort. They play this song, ‘Here comes trouble, here comes the danger,’ and I’m like, this is the best song! I said who is this guy, and I Shazamed it, but the app doesn’t recognize… So I went and asked who it was… The guy actually tells me: ‘that’s Chronixx man’, and I go: ‘Chronixsman,’ he says: No, ‘Chron – Icks, Chronixx he has 2 X’s’…So if you want to get into Reggae, new Reggae, he’s awesome.”

Still reeling from the success of his debut album Dread and Terrible, Chronixx is titling his US tour after the 3rd song from Dread and Terrible with “Capture Land”. The tour will stretch across 3 major festivals within 20 cites and 15 states, including the nations Capitol, from May 23rd to June 20th. The Brooklyn based sound system Federation Sound will once again be collaborating with Chronixx as his opening DJ for each show. More dates are being added, including another run to Europe.

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Chronixx Tour Dates

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Article By: Mike Patti

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