Ethan Tucker To Release ‘Misunderstood’

Ethan Tucker To Release ‘Misunderstood’

As mentioned inside our 2015 Most Anticipated Albums feature, Olympia, Washington born singer-songwriter Ethan Tucker will release his third studio album Misunderstood via Stoopid Records on May 5th, 2015
Ethan Tucker is known for mixing his own original blend of Reggae, Soul, Folk and R&B. This blend will make its way onto his new album titled Misunderstood that was produced by Mario C. (Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson, Slightly Stoopid). The album is set to include 11 total songs with a special guest appearance by Michael Franti with leading single, “Crazy Tonight”. A forthcoming music video for the song, as produced by Franti during the One Heart One Soul Acoustic Tour last year, will premiere shortly following the new album.

When we previously interviewed Ethan, he explained that his new album has “the full band and its also got some really mellow acoustic stuff. It’s definitely got more going on then the first record. It’s not just me and the guitar, it’s other musicians.” Ethan continued on by saying: “I did some collaboration with Michael Franti, he helped me out and produced some of it. Most of it is just me really. I wrote the guitar and some of the piano parts. It’s really just my songs that I wrote and hiring really good musicians to come in and play their parts, too.”

Misunderstood is being touted as Ethan’s first “real” studio LP with previous self-released albums, Take Me to the Mountains in 2007 and Lost Between in 2010 serving as a jump-start towards his musical career before collaborating with the likes of Mario C & Michael Franti. We have two FREE MP3’s of Ethan Tucker that you can download inside our MP3 Massive section by clicking HERE!

When asked to explain what makes his music unique, Ethan told The Pier: “…it doesn’t stick into one genre. I’m not a reggae artist, I’m not a folk artist, I’m not a blues artist, I just play guitar and write songs for whatever I feel like. I think that’s one thing that makes it unique. I don’t go into it with any classification. So one song might sound kind of jazzy, one song might sound kind of bluesy, but I don’t go into it saying ‘I’m gonna be this sound’. It’s kind of it’s own thing.”

You can pick up Misunderstood on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Ethan Tucker – Misunderstood Track List:
Ethan Tucker Misunderstood 1.) Cool Kids
2.) Crazy Tonight (ft Michael Franti)
3.) Crazy
4.) High Time
5.) Coming Home
6.) Never Be
7.) Tease Me
8.) All I Need
9.) Misunderstood
10.) This Has All Been A Dream
11.) Little Wing

Ethan Tucker will hit the road in May, playing a handful of shows with Hirie before performing at the California Roots Music and Arts Festival over Memorial Day Weekend. Michael Franti will also be in attendance at Cali-Roots, so possibly an on-stage collaboration of “Crazy Tonight” will be performed live! Tucker will close out the month of May performing a couple of shows in Washington and Oregon with JJ Grey and MoFro.

Below, you will find tour dates, links to FREE music and a soundcloud to new song “Crazy Tonight”

ethan tucker Tour Dates

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photo By: Julie Ling