Clear Conscience’s 9th Release

Clear Conscience’s 9th Release

The 9th studio release from Clear Conscience will be an EP titled Shelter From The Storm and will be released, today, January 22nd. The release will be packed with guest vocal appearances, including Tribal Seeds‘ newest member, E.N Young and Ryan Gonzo, the new lead singer for Beyond I Sight, while dishing out rootsy reggae, rock and soul…

If you’re not familiar with Clear Conscience, they’re representing Northern California’s “Bay Area”. They generally take elements of Reggae, Rock & Hip Hop, combined with a slew of guest appearances before blending it all together in a sound they call Clear Conscience.

Shelter From The Storm was Produced, Engineered and Mastered by Tribal Seeds own E.N Young. In true Clear Conscience form, the EP includes special guest appearances such as Eddie Blunt of High Tide as well as Animo, and Ryan Gonzo of Beyond I Sight.

Clear Conscience – Shelter From The Storm EP
Track List:
1.) She Was From Cali (Feat. Eddie Blunt, Animo, E.N Young)
2.) Shelter From The Storm (Feat. E.N Young)
3.) Real Soon (Feat. E.N Young)
4.) If These Walls Could Talk (Feat. E.N Young)
5.) Shadows (Feat. E.N Young, Gonzo, and Julian Nielsen)
6.) Dub is Dangerous (Feat. E.N Young)

“As you can see this is a collab album we did with E.N so its way more ‘Roots or Reggaeish’ than our normal stuff but we are moving in a more harmonic, islandy direction with our music so this is a great transitional album and honestly my favorite we have released so far! The track ‘Real Soon’ we think will be our big track off this album so we will be giving that track a huge push.” -Jeff McDermont, (singer/guitarist) Clear Conscience

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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Clear Conscience – “Eye Candy” (Feat. Eddie Blunt & E.N Young)