January 2013 Album Releases

January 2013 Album Releases

Last year went by so quickly. With all the plans for 2013 starting to seep out into the scene, this year seems to be following suit. Once again, the year is set to fill our hard drives full of new music. Be sure to check out the 2013 Most Anticipated Albums article for a preview of what is to come throughout the year.

2012 was a big year in music, especially in reggae-rock. Dubbed the “Year of the Fans” by The Pier, this past year treated fans to epic combinations of artist touring together through out the nation, as well as brand new music from many of the genre’s popular artists, including music from both classic icons and from younger underground favorites. Read about all the highlights of 2012 in The Pier’s “Year In Review” article.

Its a new year! A time of new years resolutions. A time to do things you may have put off in the previous year. With the holidays over, as we get into the swing of things, don’t let that stack of gift cards burn a hole in your pocket. Have you put off updating your iPod? Welp, now is the time to freshen it up! To start the year off right, The Pier has six excellent new releases worth checking out.

January 2013 Album Releases

Ziggy Marley- In Concert
Release Date: January 15th
Now available in both digital and physical forms, the recording, Ziggy Marley In Concert features a live set of Marley and his 8-piece outfit during 2012’s North American tour. The 14 tracks lay heavily into his most recent albums, Love Is My Religion and Grammy nominated Wild and Free. Reggae is best expressed through live media. When you can’t make it to a show, quality recordings like In Concert are an amazing way keep the spirit of the experience alive.

Clear Conscience- Shelter From The Storm
Release Date: January 22nd
San Francisco’s Clear Conscience is set to drop their 9th Release this month. Titled Shelter From The Storm, this EP is packed with love vibes, rootsy reggae, rock and soul. Produced, Engineered and Mastered by Tribal Seeds E.N Young this album features special guests Eddie Blunt of High Tide and Skanks Roots Project, Animo, and Ryan Gonzo of Fortunate Youth and Beyond I Sight. With the vibes of this EP, Clear Conscience will “will brighten your winter day into a sunny shining summer on the beach.” To Read more about the release click here.

Tatanka- Cloudless Thunder EP
Release Date: January 24th
Denver, Colorado’s, Tatanka, is set to release their new hard hitting EP, Cloudless Thunder. Following 2011’s John Dunbar album, Tatanka’s 2nd EP features six self-produced tracks. Recorded at Scanhope Sound Studios, the recording process went back to the band’s recording roots, recording this release in the same styles as their first release Sounds in Technicolor.

Tantanka has described this EP as “having a larger sounds than previous releases. It has a great groove of dub tracks fans can nod along with. Cloudless Thunder is how some Native American’s described a buffalo’s stampede. We would like to think this EP will be heard from miles around just like one of these powerful stampedes.”

The Cloudless Thunder EP will be released on January 24th! Fans in the Colorado area can celebrate the release that night at Tatanka’s CD release show at the Marquis Theatre in Denver along with The Pier and Silver Surfer Vaporizers on hand with merchandise. To Read more about the release click here.

Matisyahu- Spark Seeker – The Acoustic Sessions EP
Release Date: January 29th
After releasing his fourth studio album Spark Seeker, this past July, Matisyahu will follow up with an acoustic EP, titled Spark Seeker: The Acoustic EP. On January 29th, Matisyahu will release a five-track version of the EP through Amazon and a seven-track version on iTunes, with further bonus tracks leaking later via his website.

For fans looking to preview the EP, Matisyahu has planned a Facebook listening party. Be sure to check it out by clicking here. In addition to the release of the acoustic EP, Matisyahu will be supporting the record with an early 2013 limited run of several special performances dubbed an “Acoustic Evening With Matisyahu”.

Freddie McGregor- Di Captain
Release Date: January 29th
Freddie McGregor, the iconic reggae artist, after 30 years plus in the industry is set to release his 36th studio album, Di Captain. Released through VP records, the long awaited album was recorded over a four year period, including work at Stingray Studios in England, and Big Ship studio of Jamaica. A collection of 16 tracks, the record is a combination of eight originals and eight cover songs, including the Heptones“Equal Rights,” Bob Marley’s “Rainbow Country,” and The Beatles’ “You Won’t See Me.” Di Captain also features a remake of McGregor’s own 1980 hit “Africa,” and a festive tribute to Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary of Independence, “Move Up Jamaica.”

Stranger- Above It All EP
Release Date: January 29th
To close out this month, on January 29th, get ready for some new tunes from San Diego’s very own, Stranger. The soulful 6-piece band has put together a brand new, seven song EP titled, Above It All. Recorded at Chula Vista’s Stranger Studios, the EP was produced by the band themselves and mixed by the Stranger’s lead vocalist, David Ornelas.

Consisting of seven songs, the EP was recorded over the course of 2012 separately as singles. Meaning that a lot of time was spent in the individual development of each track, creating the various tracks that are all unique. According to David, “The fans can expect a lot of different sounds and styles ranging from 60’s Motown vibes to modern electronic hybrids to that classic Stranger Style to experimental loop based songs and more. Each song is different sonically but is tied together by the message and soul.” To Read more about the release click here.

Article By: Aaron Solomon

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