Streetlight Manifesto Album Update!

Streetlight Manifesto Album Update!

A few months ago, Streetlight Manifesto posted on their page that they were releasing their new album, The Hands That Thieve, on November 6th, 2012. Shortly after the announcement, preorders rushed in from fans that would soon be let down by the band. Continue reading for all the details and information regarding the upcoming release!!

November 6th, 2012 came and went with no studio album release from Streetlight Manifesto. Eventually the band’s lead singer and guitarist, Tomas Kalnoky, confessed that he “put too much on his plate and lined up too many deadlines and tours and couldn’t finish everything in time”.

Tomas explained that, he “was busy writing, recording, and redoing the songs until everything was perfect.” This caused him to miss several crucial deadlines that had a “domino effect on all future deadlines.”

Some fans expressed their frustration on Facebook with posts such as, “Guys, it’s December. Any word on a release date?” and “K, it’s been over a month. Wanna maybe drop a demo or sumthin while the loyal wait for the next postponement?”

The band took their tardiness seriously and apologized profusely to their loyal fans. “So, first off, I’d like to apologize to everyone who has been waiting for this record to come out as originally announced, on Nov 6th. I’d normally say ‘on behalf of everyone in Streetlight’ but that would be misleading. I am entirely and solely at fault for the delay of these records and I take full responsibility for it.”

So the big question: when will this album finally be released?

Streetlight Manifesto says the date is pushed back to “presumably sometime in January 2013”. Somewhat vague…

At this late stage in the month, the band addressed the issue at hand through a post on the band’s official Facebook page from January 15th, 2013. Streetlight Manifesto confessed that the album is still not finished, but promise it will be worth the wait. They did, however, give fans access to a few samples from the record.

In order to say sorry to the fans, all pre-orders will include a free live EP from their latest tour that they hope “will ease the frustration of the prolonged wait”.

It’s okay guys—we all make mistakes!

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Apr 27 @ Groezrock 2013. Meerhout, Belgium
May 25 @ Slam Dunk Festival. Leeds, United Kingdom
May 26 @ Slam Dunk Festival. Leeds, United Kingdom
May 27 @ Slam Dunk Festival. Leeds, United Kingdom

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Article by: Erin Walsh
Photo by: Steve Lynds

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